Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Jason Circa 1990
In the summer I lost someone I love.  I did not see him often or talk to him everyday but I miss him.  I think of him now and am so sad for the enormous hole he has left in my family.

I am so sad for my Aunt, his mother.  He the amazingly charismatic, handsome only child.  I am so sad for his wife and the heart break that she must face everyday.  I am so so sad for his to beautiful children to loose such an amazing father at such a young age.  The age when his own father came into his life - I ache for him as well.  I am so sad for my grandparents although he is with them now I know that is not what they would have wanted for him.

I am sad for all of us for now we have a hole, which will never be filled, which will last forever and stand as a reminder of how fragile life is.  How important it is to live each day.  To forgive and to forget.  To love.

I love you family.  So much.

:o/  Tina


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