Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time Flies, Doesn't It!

In June I thought I would have more time over the summer, not less.  Seems that the draw of the kids being home is too much for me and I have been getting somewhat lazy... well maybe lazy is the wrong word.  More like neglectful of my responsibilities.  Oh, well.  The kids are only kids once and it is going by so quickly!

I have a had a chance to add some free patterns to the website and new fabric arrived yesterday and there is more on the way.  You had better hurry in, the new stuff always goes quickly!

I love the saturated colours of these fabrics.  These are two of my favorite prints but there are a lot more.  One of them is a gorgeous stripe with orange and lime green and sienna - it is sooo nice I am thinking about making myself a table runner with it.  The orange flowered print shown is going to be sewing into a table runner for my dinning room table - I was working on designing the pattern this evening - measurements done, now I just need to make some time to sew.

See you soon!  :o)  Tina