About Me

Thank you for wanting to know a little more about me!  My name is Tina - I always wished I had a more interesting name or at the very least a fun nick name, but Tina will have to do.  I get Teen or T by some people - wish it were more.

I am touched that you care as I consider myself to be a bit uninteresting for the most part.

Things I Know About Complicated, Boring Me

I am not a tidy person although I dream of one day becoming a tidy person. I am pretty sure it is just a dream.

I love love love to laugh.  I, literally, throw my head back and laugh at the sky.  I laugh until no sound comes out and I need to be remind to breath.

I had a wild and crazy youth.  I really mean it.  I had more fun than one person is entitled to and did way too many dangerous things that I pray my children will never ever do.  I am proud that I came out on top, with loads of crazy memories and everything intact, a high school and college education, and most importantly no unplanned children (that is not meant to offend anyone, sorry if it does). I am tame and responsible now, and that is how I like it.

My family and my work are pretty much what I live for.  I love a hot day at the beach with my husband, my kids and a good book.  Equally, I love a cozy snowy day at home with my sewing machine and a cup of tea! I am a home body and really don't like going away for more than a night or two.

I would die without my children, my husband, my family, the very few very close friends that I have - and Tetley Tea.

I use a LOT of explanation points when I write! and I care not for abbreviations.

I am a very imaginative and creative person, I ask a lot of questions and require a lot of answers.  A lot of questions.

I am generally happy and optimistic but I know I can be moody. When I get down it is sometimes hard for me to get back up.  When I am up, I am up and that is that . . . hmm perhaps I am a little bi-polar . . .

I am imaginative, passionate, brave, impulsive, friendly and I love to eat! (Which has resulted in a less than svelte figure that I wish I cared more about.)

Little Man, Dominic, February 1, 2002

Dominic is:  Grown-up, snuggly, responsible, bossy, intelligent, curious, gentle, thoughtful, kind, sympathetic, busy, handsome. If he were a colour he would be green - green can be bright and fun or warm and relaxed.

I think that when Dominic grows up he will be a lawyer fighting for human rights (following in his great Auntie Gail's foot steps) or maybe a veterinarian.  I cannot see him working in any professional that is not compassionate, but he did tell me he wanted to wear a tuxedo to work everyday.  :o)

My little man had an amazing beginning and is an amazing little person now.  Born at 29 weeks 6 days gestation he was a fighter from the start.  With a birth weight of 3 pounds 7 ounces he was tiny, but strong and healthy. He came home, after the two of us shared a long hospital journey, on April 5, 2002. Amazing and wonderful; I have often felt that he is my saving grace.  He is arrival completed me and gave me the courage to take the first steps toward becoming who I am.

I love him so much and am proud of him every single day.

Dominic at 5 weeks, and almost 5 pounds.

Penelope, Victoria, May 2, 2005

Victoria is:  Sweet. cheerful, funny, silly, smart, thoughtful, kind, lazy, sensitive, girly, playful, busy, bouncy, beautiful and sunny. If she were a colour she would be yellow, for her sunny disposition and her internal mellowness.

Victoria is like a shiny light in the lives of everyone.  She is has a spark that is indescribable that seems to bring people peace and joy - I know that is what she did for all of us.  I think that when she grows up she will be a nurse or a doctor or a counsellor but that she will participate in the local theatre in her spare time. She loves to perform but she is also, like Dominic, very compassionate, gentle and kind (they get it from their Dad).

I love her so much and am so very proud of her every single day.

Aren't they so stinkin' cute?!

CH aka Steve, married to me June 16, 2007

Steve is:  Moody (to say the least!), sensitive, kind, considerate, honest, dependable, serious, a bit lazy, understanding of human nature, snuggly, an excellent foot rubber.

This had to be the photo I used.  Steve is hardly ever silly.  I am the silly one.
Steve - CH, Charming Husband or Captain Happy (tongue in cheek); depending on the day - has taught me more about being kind, compassionate, understanding and forgiving than I learned in the whole rest of my life.  He is all of these things.  He is also very supportive of my ventures and although not a curious person (which being very curious boggles my mind) he is very tolerant of my curiosity, my imagination, and my bravery even if it means we are all in.  He is my yes man.

Most importantly, he is also the person I want, still, to spend my life with. That is the most important part - right?

Everyone Else

PITA and her men folk - Noah, Hayden and Trevor.

Brandi (PITA) & Trevor's Wedding ~ July 2006
Linda, Jessie, Mic, Grandpa, Trevor, Brandi,
Jack, Harriette, Me, Steve, Victoria, Josh, Dominic, and John

Sweet Grumpa, May 2011

Mum and Dad, March 2011
The Furry People in My Life

Pierre went to doggy heaven on August 15, 2013
at the young age of 12 and is missed horribly.