Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Mouth, The Boss and Baby J Makes Three

Remember I told you that The Mouth and The Boss are having a baby? I am not sure if I told you but Baby J is a she. :) That is pretty exciting in this male dominated family.

So today, during the Little Man and Penelope's year end concert, CH got an emergency text from The Mouth. The Boss was bleeding.

She is 23 weeks 5 days. Tomorrow she is going to be air lifted to Vancouver.

The Little Man was a 29 week 6 day premie. That six weeks is huge.

I am worried for Baby J. I am worried for The Mouth. I am worried for The Boss. We are a family. Dysfunctional or not, family is family. And this is a life changing event.

I am a firm believe that everything happens for a reason. Is the reason for this horrible happening to help The Mouth stand up and move over the threshold into adulthood? To help him to become a grown up in the hardest most heart wrenching way possible - through the struggles of your child?

I love you all. You have my heart and my support. Fight Baby J! Fight!

xxoo G.