Monday, March 25, 2013

The Ugly Face of the Past.. Again!

Just now, as I sat down to make notes to later write a post about the craziness of my youth and how naive I was and still am, the phone rings.

It was Penelope. She and her bestie have been having a marathon sleepover since the second day of spring break (the first was my birthday) and last night they were at the besties house.

She was crying.

The bestie wanted to have a sleep over with someone else.

I lost it. I was angry and crying and of the edge of becoming hysterical.

Needless to say, I passed the phone to CH.

I so cannot handle my kids being unhappy in their friendships.

When I was 15 and left home, even though I started off going to the same high school, all of my friends left me. The people I had known and been friends with since I was five years old.

When I was in my 20s and H1 and I split, I went through the same thing again. I was older and hurt so much more.

I need to let my own issues rest and not act like such a loon when my kids friends let them down. It just hurts so much.

Me more than them I think.

I know it is the old hurts.

I know I expect too much of people once I call them friend.

I need t relax and let them have their own relationships and make their own friends and learn their own lessons. It is just so hard.

CH dealt with it. They are all sleeping over at the the third kids hours.

I think I am okay...

Rant over. Deep breath.

Back to what I was doing...

:/ Tina

Monday, March 18, 2013

Something New

I just ordered some business cards from Vista Print and since I put this web address on the card, I thought I had better post about something I made (or in this case am about to make) rather than going on about CH or the brats of whatever else crosses my mind in a day.

I just finished a big batch of owls but ran out of stuffing so they are going to have to wait until tomorrow. First batch with my labels - and I think it makes a huge different!

I am a messy worker (no comments please PITA) but I always tidy up in between projects. Went to clean off my cutting table to start a fresh batch of bags and I just couldn't disturb her.

Violet is a pretty rag doll cat

We have a guest Pom-chi the last couple of days and I think she is tired from torturing him. ;)

So I put the garment I was going to cut up on my ironing board and then thought - oh my, I need to post about this.

Orange velvet

I could not help but wonder who in their right mind would wear a pumpkin orange crush velvet turtle neck!? Seriously. Who?

I am going to cut it up and make orange flowers out of it to add to the turquoise velvet bag I am making for myself. Pretty excited about that.

I made more of the yummy potato soup that I posted about here, and made some bacon as a garnish. I got distracted (again no comments please PITA). It really is easier in the oven but I advise you too set a timer. ;)

Burnt bacon
Burnt to a crisp!

:) Tina


Friday, March 8, 2013

Shame On Me

The older I get the more... ashamed? I am of society.

I shouldn't say that... but it's true.

I cannot understand why everyone needs bigger and better and newer to be "happy". To fill a hole that never gets filled.

In January I was in Vancouver, BC. It is a beautiful, amazing and wealthy city that I love so incredibly much. I lived there for all of my 20s and would love to move back.

While there, I saw two men sleeping on the heat grate on the sidewalk on Granville and Hastings.

It is prestigious corner. Birks is there. Granville Street is a big deal.

I found it upsetting and disturbing. Them sleeping there, so vulnerable to all of the things i keep my children protected from. Dirty, palms up hoping for some kindness to come there way.

Clean well dressed business people walking past as if they are shrubs or fire hydrants - only being aware of them enough not to step on them.

While in Vancouver I visited my cousin who was telling me that there is a community of people living in campers on the North Shore... Again, disturbed, although somewhat better. I guess... Families who live like gypsies because they cannot afford a home in this outrageously over priced city.

This is the part were I tell you why I am ashamed.

CH bought me an iPad for my birthday.

Which is ridiculously expensive and extravagant but I'm going to be 40 next week and that is what I wanted for my birthday. Anyway....

A couple of days ago, I heard on the radio that Apple could give every person on earth $19.37.

Maybe it is Apple that should be ashamed but in this house we have three iPods, two iPhones, an iPad Mini and my own beloved iPad. We contributed to the problem.

The gluttony of Apple.

If they ever decide to give to the poor, I want them to donate my $19.37 to Kiva.

:/ Tina



In contrast to yesterday - I am feeling happy and relaxed. Not too sure what all that was about really. Just one of those days I guess.

I just got a new app for my iPad - recommended by a reader who left a comment. Woot! Love comments.

This post is my trial run to see how well it works for me. If it does what I need it to I will get chat up on all this Pinterest posts and Snap365 posts I have been missing. :)

Maybe part of yesterday was that I received this. Proof that I am old enough to be called Grandma!

7 week ultra sound
My little Bitty just old enough to have a heart beat. :)


Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Son is A Son

They say, a son is a son until he gets a wife and a daughter, a daughter for life (thank God and/or the Ancient Aleins for that).

But. What if he is not biologically your son? What if he is your step son and he already isn't as in love with you are with him and his 'wife' doesn't really love you all that much either?

Does that mean you don't count at all?  Feels like it to me...

In other news:

The Little Man is a bachelor once again.

I have a raging case of PMS and with that sore boobs, exhaustion, insatiable hunger, and the blues, and apparently I am pretty forgetful as I forgot to plug the crock pot in this morning so we had to have KD for dinner, which as I am PMSing was kind of soothing and nice.

I have 6 days left of being in my 30s and although I want to believe that I do not care, I might actually.  A little bit. Thank God we bought that car or I would really be feeling like a looser.

Ah, the joys of PMS.  Did I mention that I also like to feel sorry for myself a little bit? :p

Well, off to sew for the night.  Not that you have any reason to believe me as I never post any photos. I can't figure out an easy way to do it from my iPad and my laptop is all but retired. If you have a solution for me please provide it, even though I am not too sure it would help. ;)

Nighty night,
Tina oox

Friday, March 1, 2013

On Vacation

Well, no, I wasn't really.

Not at all actually.

I have been busy with an assortment of things which I will tell you about in a minute.

More importantly though, all of my writing energy has been directed toward creating my portfolio to submit for consideration to shops that sell handmade.  If you know of any in BC (and I would consider Alberta), please share!

My amazingly talented friend Krista took some portfolio photos for me.  I am really excited about them - they are perfect!

I have been busy sewing (mostly), walking (a bit) and stressing over my boys and their girls.

Of course you already know about The Mouth and The Boss and.... What shall I call my grand baby? For now, lets refer to her (comes to mind first!?) as Bitty (as in Itty Bitty).

Well now The Little Man seems to be sprouting his own set of relationship wings.

Keeping in mind he turned 11 on February 1st.  It would seem his 10 year old girlfriend (now referred to as his x) showed him her little boobs.  I have been freaking out about it for days.

I have finally decided that tomorrow I will be making the call that we all hate making and hate getting even more - I am going to call her mother.

I am not looking forward to it but if the tables were turned, I would want to know.

You know.  So I could lock my sweet Penelope in the attic.

Where she will remain until age 30 - or maybe later. I guess we will see.

I have no doubt her father will agree, 100%.  She would already be up there if it were up to him.

She will not be showing her boobs at 10 and knocked up at 20 by a handsome yet foolish 19 year old who has never been employed. Not my daughter.


:/ Tina