Monday, March 18, 2013

Something New

I just ordered some business cards from Vista Print and since I put this web address on the card, I thought I had better post about something I made (or in this case am about to make) rather than going on about CH or the brats of whatever else crosses my mind in a day.

I just finished a big batch of owls but ran out of stuffing so they are going to have to wait until tomorrow. First batch with my labels - and I think it makes a huge different!

I am a messy worker (no comments please PITA) but I always tidy up in between projects. Went to clean off my cutting table to start a fresh batch of bags and I just couldn't disturb her.

Violet is a pretty rag doll cat

We have a guest Pom-chi the last couple of days and I think she is tired from torturing him. ;)

So I put the garment I was going to cut up on my ironing board and then thought - oh my, I need to post about this.

Orange velvet

I could not help but wonder who in their right mind would wear a pumpkin orange crush velvet turtle neck!? Seriously. Who?

I am going to cut it up and make orange flowers out of it to add to the turquoise velvet bag I am making for myself. Pretty excited about that.

I made more of the yummy potato soup that I posted about here, and made some bacon as a garnish. I got distracted (again no comments please PITA). It really is easier in the oven but I advise you too set a timer. ;)

Burnt bacon
Burnt to a crisp!

:) Tina



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