Friday, March 8, 2013

Shame On Me

The older I get the more... ashamed? I am of society.

I shouldn't say that... but it's true.

I cannot understand why everyone needs bigger and better and newer to be "happy". To fill a hole that never gets filled.

In January I was in Vancouver, BC. It is a beautiful, amazing and wealthy city that I love so incredibly much. I lived there for all of my 20s and would love to move back.

While there, I saw two men sleeping on the heat grate on the sidewalk on Granville and Hastings.

It is prestigious corner. Birks is there. Granville Street is a big deal.

I found it upsetting and disturbing. Them sleeping there, so vulnerable to all of the things i keep my children protected from. Dirty, palms up hoping for some kindness to come there way.

Clean well dressed business people walking past as if they are shrubs or fire hydrants - only being aware of them enough not to step on them.

While in Vancouver I visited my cousin who was telling me that there is a community of people living in campers on the North Shore... Again, disturbed, although somewhat better. I guess... Families who live like gypsies because they cannot afford a home in this outrageously over priced city.

This is the part were I tell you why I am ashamed.

CH bought me an iPad for my birthday.

Which is ridiculously expensive and extravagant but I'm going to be 40 next week and that is what I wanted for my birthday. Anyway....

A couple of days ago, I heard on the radio that Apple could give every person on earth $19.37.

Maybe it is Apple that should be ashamed but in this house we have three iPods, two iPhones, an iPad Mini and my own beloved iPad. We contributed to the problem.

The gluttony of Apple.

If they ever decide to give to the poor, I want them to donate my $19.37 to Kiva.

:/ Tina



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