Thursday, March 20, 2014

BIG Changes

The last few weeks have brought about some really fabulous things.

I started doing some bookkeeping from home.  Not the creative niche I love but it brings in some bucks!

Some friends of mine (please read that in Robert DeNiro's voice) and I have gotten together to start something great.  We will be teaching classes, putting together an amazing newsletter, blogging, hosting creative events, and a whole lotta of other great and wonderful things. Stay tuned for Creative West!  I will post the link for you when I have one.

I will be switching my Blog over to WordPress.  It's nothing personal Blogger, you were good to me.  I just need to spread my wings a little bit further... and besides that, my friend Krista at Everyday Miija is part of this amazing and talented group and is working on mastering WordPress skills so I get to be her Guinea Pig! I am very excited!

So, this might be my last post here.  You can still find me - only a better me, with more of what I actually do and less of my rambling and complaining - at the new Everybody Needs a Little Sugar!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

How I Know My Husband Secretly Hates Me (or at least wants to make me so crazy I will be committed)

Last one out makes it - right? Apparently not in my house. ;(

Enough said?

(and yes we sleep in a double bed with a cat and sometimes a certain, soon to be 9 year old girl.  I like it cozy!)

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Waste Time Laughing

Stumbled upon this little site today (thank you Facebook, the second biggest time waster, right behind Pinterest, ever created!)

Wasted about 10 minutes and then thought of you!

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Etsy Again

Well. I did it.

I got one lonely little owl listed on my Etsy page.

It looks like a mug shot but it will do for now.

I have decided I am going to try next time with a little staging - like I did in the past.

What I really need is for the snow to melt and the sunshine to dry off the grass so I can take pictures of them in their natural environment.  ;)

Outdoor always seems to work better for me even though I have so much admiration for the many skilled photographers on Etsy that take fabulous photos I need all the help I can get and the outdoor light is a really big help!

Have a wonderful Sunday ~
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lion to Lamb

Two posts in one day. No wonder it is still snowing!

Literally, snowing right now.  I read that Vancouver has a snow fall warning in effect so we will be getting more for sure.  We usually get their weather the next day.  Anyway....

In like a lion out like a lamb, right?

Today Penelope is in the worst mood of her almost nine years.
She just cannot seem to keep it together. Scowling and crying for little to no reason. Unlike her and I am not loving it.

The Little Man had a talking to by the police.  Yep.
Nothing serious - just boy stuff.  I was surprised.  I thought he knew better. He was very remorseful. Even said he was ashamed.  That is NOT like him.  He is usually very self righteous.  Fight to the death for his honour, that sort of thing.

The worst part of today.
A dear friend of mine lost his battle with cancer. He was a devote man and I like to think he is in a better place. He believed that he would be. He was kind and funny and liked by all who knew him. He will be missed.

Very much looking forward to the last half of this unpredictable month.

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Time Wasters, Waste Time

Just like everyone else - and maybe even a little more, as I am... squirrel... - I have a tendency to follow Alice down the rabbit hole, so to speak and follow link after link after link wasting copious amounts of my precious time online.

I just suddenly thought to myself that I should share some of the funny, interesting, useless things I find so that you can waste you time too!

Today I bring you the left brain, right brain test!

I got 72% right brained and what seemed like a stern warning that I need to learn to use the left side of my brain a little more!  Pfft.  Not gonna happen.

Enjoy! :)
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Patience, Like Curry, Not Really My Thing

I ordered new labels the other night and I am DYING to have them right now!

I had to wait to order them to catch up from Christmas (because my Shorties are spoiled rotten and suck all the money out of the bank and my wallet!!) and I have next to none left.  I have SO many projects that just need the label and to be sewn together and they are done!

Today, I am going to sew owl bums and bag openings closed and try - I said try - to get some decent photos done to list on Etsy.

It is a big step for me.

I know I just need to find my groove and once I do it will be fabulous! I wonder, is photography one of those things that I will always think someone does better than me and that mine sucks or does it legitimately suck??  Perhaps somewhere in between.

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