Sunday, February 17, 2013

Secrets, Lies and Drama

I am going to be the BIG 40 on March 15th and I am so over dealing with high school crap.  Rightfully so. 40 is too old for head games and nonsense.

I am telling the secret. It is a lame secret anyway. Not the kind that can be kept. The information itself is not lame. Not even one little bitty bit.

In fact is is furthest thing from lame.  It is amazing and exciting and life changing for a whole lotta people.

Ready for it?

The Boss is knocked up.

I have not been positing because this is all I want to post about and I am supposed to be keeping it under wraps!

My 19 year old son has inpregnated his 20 year old girlfriend.

I am going to be a Gramma... Or a Nan.... Or a something... I am far to young to make such a decision.

The drama? Well folks, she is a) 20, b) not the wicked step mothers biggest fan and c) a raving hormon.  Do you remember how mature you were at 20? I had just moved in with H1 after 8 months of living out of a backpack "on the road". I cared about me and maybe him and I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to do with myself. I was 180 degrees different than I am today.

I do know that not everyone is like I was. And that a baby is going to force the issue. They are both going to have to grow up faster than I did.

I a happy and excited for me and freakng out for them. They have lost all chance of things being easy. When they want something for their future they will have to work twice as hard as I did.

I will be there. As much as I can. As much as they will accept me.  I am there.

... So that is why I have not written. I do not know who reads this.  I hope you understand that it is supposed to be a secret

Friday, February 15, 2013

Woot! Woot!

Please read my footer.

My dear sweet husband has been saving for a year to buy me the one thing I really wanted for my birthday. Got it today with still a month (today) left of my being in my 30s.

I am still going to post about his driving me nuts. And yes I know I am behind.

:) Tina

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snap 365, Days 30 through 36...

Perhaps a week at a time is the way you are going to get them...


Day 30 :: This photo is from last spring but I did not want to skip a day AND I wanted to post something that I am grateful for. I am grateful that Steve has blue eye so that Victoria could have these! :p

I'm Not Much of a Baker...

Day 31 :: Today marks the 9th anniversary of my ice cream cone cupcake making days and they still look like s#!+. Having said that, I am very grateful I have someone to make them for. Tomorrow is the ELEVENTH anniversary of the day I became a mother.

Dominic '02 '07 and Now

Day 32 :: He started his life in a incubator weighing only 3lbs 6.8oz and grew up to wear a tuxedo at our wedding when he was 5 and Polly Pocket sunglasses on his thumb when he is 10.

Today is his 11th birthday and I always - always - feel so emotional. He almost killed me and made me a mother all in the same two days!

I am so proud of him and his sweet dimple and beautiful green eyes and oh so dependable self. I am so grateful for him and amazed by him every single day. xo

Baby Hayden

Day 33 :: My sweet little nephew automatically smiles when the flash goes off. So irresistibly cute!!

Special Delivery

Day 34 :: On Sunday I ran around like a mad woman driving kids to and from the pool and other various locations but I made time to stop and deliver this owl bag I made for a beloved friend who is facing some challenges at the moment.


Day 35 :: Making another batch of bags and loving the saturation of the thread colours - I might keep one of this batch for myself. ;)


Day 36 :: Oh Smokies how I have missed you. So glad you are back on home and ice and that you WON!

Chio - Tina :o)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How I Know My Husband Secretly Hates Me (or at least wants to make me so crazy that I will be committed) Part 5

Let's talk about school lunches.

I will admit, I don't love doing it so he took over. (I guided him into taking over?)

That is one point for CH and a big fat zero for me on the good parent charts.  It's okay, I am ahead by miles and he deserves to catch up. ;)

The fact of the matter is, when we both did it, the Shorties always said his lunches were better. So I thought, what the heck.  He can do it and everyone is happy.

Except for maybe him.

Which might explain why there is garbage on the counter every morning.

Every morning. The plastic from the juice boxes, empty granola bar boxes or cookies bags (that's right folks, my kids get a healthy dose of store bought crap in their lunches!)

Every morning, when I am awake enough to put the kettle on, I go into the kitchen and there it is.  Garbage. Waiting for me. Taunting me to pick it up.

And I do, but...

I am sure this is how CH is retaliating against me... trying to make me crazy....

Or maybe I am wrong, it could just be that his house keeping skills are still, after ten years, similar to the skills he had when he lived alone and I have apparently taught him nothing...

If I've said it once, I've said it five times.  I saw his apartment and I married him anyway.  ;)

Have a super fabulously wonderful day - Tina. :o)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Random Bits of Happiness


Well, it's been an interesting weekend.

It was The Little Man's birthday and there were a crap load of 10/11 year old boys here over night.  I am such a good  Mum (toot toot) - although CH is the one who stays up and then wrangles them all to sleep I even did that this weekend.  Not that there was much wrangling, I they were actually better than I expected and settled down by about 2 am.  (And yes Mum if you are reading this I know that is too late for 'little' kids to stay up.)

I found a pictorial tutorial on Pinterest that shows how I do my zipper pockets.  It is super easy, I was terrified of zipper pockets until I tried this and now I put them in all my bags.  The only part that ever gives me any trouble is getting the zipper to be in the exact right spot.  I am kind of funny that way.

I finished up some bags I was making this week and am working on some decorated zipper pouches. My friend Krista - who is an amazing photographer of inanimate objects - is going to take some product shots for me to create a portfolio so I can send my stuff to some of the fancy consignment stores that are in this amazing, creative province of ours. I will make sure I post them and put my money where my mouth is.  I know I talk a lot about my sewing but do not show much of the proof.  You can see some of my stuff here.

I have been a sewing machine lately. I have been feeling very lazy and unorganized, and that seems to be all I really want to do.  When I became semi-retired I became a horrible time waster.  It takes me twice as long to do everything!

Since I did not really do anything new this week, I will share some of my pins with you.  :)

When I showed this one to Penelope - she said.  "Oh, I could totally use that!'  She is so odd - I love that about her.  She did not think it was weird at all, only useful. I suppose that if I were 7 and constantly eating my own hair I might see the practical rather than the comedic value of such a device.

I actually went to the app store and downloaded Web MD to see if this is the result that I got - and it was!

What was I saying about wasting time....

 ;o)  Tina

Saturday, February 2, 2013

How I Know My Husband Secretly Hates Me (or at least wants to make me so crazy that I will be committed) Part 4

Jam on the counter.

Almost everyday.

A big glob of peach - and therefore somewhat transparent and camouflage - jam on the counter.

Today I put my phone in it. I loved that.

Some days I spot it before and just clean it up.

If I said anything about it, he would act all surprised like there is no possible way he could have done that and not noticed; yet there is is, almost everyday.  Peach jam.  On my counter.

Have a different late night snack.  Like an apple. Thanks.

I have said it once, and I will say it again. I did see his apartment and I married him anyway...

:o)  Tina

PS  Love you CH, you know I do.  :oP

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Worst

Speller, that is.


Sometimes I spell a word so wrong that spell check doesn't even know what I am talking about.

Sometimes I have to ask The Little Man how to spell stuff and he just turned 11.  Today, actually.

I just figured out that there surprise is not spelled "suprise".  I wonder, did I use to know and I forgot or did I never know.

People who love me make fun of me for this (and a few other things, but we don't need to get into that right now).

I don't mind. In fact, it makes me laugh without sound.

:o)  Tina