Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snap 365, Days 30 through 36...

Perhaps a week at a time is the way you are going to get them...


Day 30 :: This photo is from last spring but I did not want to skip a day AND I wanted to post something that I am grateful for. I am grateful that Steve has blue eye so that Victoria could have these! :p

I'm Not Much of a Baker...

Day 31 :: Today marks the 9th anniversary of my ice cream cone cupcake making days and they still look like s#!+. Having said that, I am very grateful I have someone to make them for. Tomorrow is the ELEVENTH anniversary of the day I became a mother.

Dominic '02 '07 and Now

Day 32 :: He started his life in a incubator weighing only 3lbs 6.8oz and grew up to wear a tuxedo at our wedding when he was 5 and Polly Pocket sunglasses on his thumb when he is 10.

Today is his 11th birthday and I always - always - feel so emotional. He almost killed me and made me a mother all in the same two days!

I am so proud of him and his sweet dimple and beautiful green eyes and oh so dependable self. I am so grateful for him and amazed by him every single day. xo

Baby Hayden

Day 33 :: My sweet little nephew automatically smiles when the flash goes off. So irresistibly cute!!

Special Delivery

Day 34 :: On Sunday I ran around like a mad woman driving kids to and from the pool and other various locations but I made time to stop and deliver this owl bag I made for a beloved friend who is facing some challenges at the moment.


Day 35 :: Making another batch of bags and loving the saturation of the thread colours - I might keep one of this batch for myself. ;)


Day 36 :: Oh Smokies how I have missed you. So glad you are back on home and ice and that you WON!

Chio - Tina :o)


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