Sunday, February 17, 2013

Secrets, Lies and Drama

I am going to be the BIG 40 on March 15th and I am so over dealing with high school crap.  Rightfully so. 40 is too old for head games and nonsense.

I am telling the secret. It is a lame secret anyway. Not the kind that can be kept. The information itself is not lame. Not even one little bitty bit.

In fact is is furthest thing from lame.  It is amazing and exciting and life changing for a whole lotta people.

Ready for it?

The Boss is knocked up.

I have not been positing because this is all I want to post about and I am supposed to be keeping it under wraps!

My 19 year old son has inpregnated his 20 year old girlfriend.

I am going to be a Gramma... Or a Nan.... Or a something... I am far to young to make such a decision.

The drama? Well folks, she is a) 20, b) not the wicked step mothers biggest fan and c) a raving hormon.  Do you remember how mature you were at 20? I had just moved in with H1 after 8 months of living out of a backpack "on the road". I cared about me and maybe him and I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to do with myself. I was 180 degrees different than I am today.

I do know that not everyone is like I was. And that a baby is going to force the issue. They are both going to have to grow up faster than I did.

I a happy and excited for me and freakng out for them. They have lost all chance of things being easy. When they want something for their future they will have to work twice as hard as I did.

I will be there. As much as I can. As much as they will accept me.  I am there.

... So that is why I have not written. I do not know who reads this.  I hope you understand that it is supposed to be a secret


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