Monday, February 4, 2013

Random Bits of Happiness


Well, it's been an interesting weekend.

It was The Little Man's birthday and there were a crap load of 10/11 year old boys here over night.  I am such a good  Mum (toot toot) - although CH is the one who stays up and then wrangles them all to sleep I even did that this weekend.  Not that there was much wrangling, I they were actually better than I expected and settled down by about 2 am.  (And yes Mum if you are reading this I know that is too late for 'little' kids to stay up.)

I found a pictorial tutorial on Pinterest that shows how I do my zipper pockets.  It is super easy, I was terrified of zipper pockets until I tried this and now I put them in all my bags.  The only part that ever gives me any trouble is getting the zipper to be in the exact right spot.  I am kind of funny that way.

I finished up some bags I was making this week and am working on some decorated zipper pouches. My friend Krista - who is an amazing photographer of inanimate objects - is going to take some product shots for me to create a portfolio so I can send my stuff to some of the fancy consignment stores that are in this amazing, creative province of ours. I will make sure I post them and put my money where my mouth is.  I know I talk a lot about my sewing but do not show much of the proof.  You can see some of my stuff here.

I have been a sewing machine lately. I have been feeling very lazy and unorganized, and that seems to be all I really want to do.  When I became semi-retired I became a horrible time waster.  It takes me twice as long to do everything!

Since I did not really do anything new this week, I will share some of my pins with you.  :)

When I showed this one to Penelope - she said.  "Oh, I could totally use that!'  She is so odd - I love that about her.  She did not think it was weird at all, only useful. I suppose that if I were 7 and constantly eating my own hair I might see the practical rather than the comedic value of such a device.

I actually went to the app store and downloaded Web MD to see if this is the result that I got - and it was!

What was I saying about wasting time....

 ;o)  Tina


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