Sunday, December 30, 2012

In Closing

I read this on Facebook:
Important! Please make sure you "close out" your old year before you start planning the new one and falling into the "fresh start" energy. You can write a journal entry, make a list of what happened, observe the things you experienced, and think about what your role was. Remember that everything happens for a reason and you create your spend a little time contemplating why certain things showed up and others didn't.
I don't know who wrote it but it seemed like a good idea to reflect on my year - the intricacies, the ups downs and way downs... SO here goes.  I am not feeling so great so you won't be subjected to my usual over wordiness.  ;o)


rose table runnerFor New Year's 2012, I learned a valuable lesson about people.

They are not always as nice as they seem.  In October I was asked to make a table runner for a little old lady that I was quite fond of.  I finished it over Christmas and delivered it to her at the beginning of the year.  It did not go well, you can read about it here. It was not a very nice way to start the year.

Later in the month I decided to move the shop.  The new spot was like a little home away from home and could have been so great, but other things happened and everything changed...

handmade fairy quilt
First finished quilt to leave
our new location!


February was an action packed month.

The Little Man turned double digitsThe Mouth came home (and his girlfriend went to Calgary), and we moved the shop, it snowed a lot and we had our first Quilt Till You Wilt in our new spot.

It was lot for one month - and the shortest month of the year at that.


Not my best month of 2012...

I turned 39.  How can that even be?? I am now nearing my 40th birthday and have not even figured out how I can be as old at 39!

I attempted 31 Days of Pinterest - and would have pulled it off too if it was not for...

the pink eye that lead to the car accident...

And so there it is, the beginning of the end of one thing and I did not even see it until so much later...  


April was pretty quiet.

Went to massage a lot. A lot.  Also tried out the chiropractor - didn't like that although he was nice - and really cute. ;o)

Got in a war of words with my brother's x-wife's nasty current boyfriend via Facebook as he made a nasty comment - on Facebook - about my 10 year old son. Nice. I know.  You can read about it here, and here.

It would seem that even the quiet months have their drama.

Silver City Days

I made my first batch of baby owls and whole lotta bags.  It was the beginning of what is become something great for me!

It was Silver City Days and we had nice - albeit exhausting - family time.

Things were looking up, best month so far. :o)


I did more bag and owl sewing and began attending the farmer's market.

I was offered a part time job. Excited for a pay cheque. Terrified for the possibility of real life.

More importantly - we bought a TRAILER!  I wanted one for so, so long.  And now we have one. And I am happy!


I continued to sew a lot and attend the Trail Market every second Friday.  Bliss.

The Mouth went to Calgary with PITA and never came home.


More of the same in August.  I really did have a nice summer.

I joined a block swap - but I have not been very good a keeping up with it.  I am going to get caught up this week while school is still out - as soon as I get off the darn computer.


Seriously - grade 5 and 2.  Almost as unbelievable as my being 39.

I got my settlement for the accident and CH and I planned a trip to Calgary to see the Mouth and his boss.

I got a job.  And I love it. It is easy going and I can make my own hours.  I am happy.  I have a good feeling about this!


We went to Calgary for Thanksgiving.  We had a good time... it was relatively uneventful.  The Mouth's Boss was non-communicative.  It still bothers me.  

I went to family court with H1 this month as well.  The judge basically told him what I have been telling him.  Come and spend time with the child on his terms. For the love of God man, snap out of it!

The BIG decision was made.  I picked one of my kids up from somewhere and they were hungry and wanted a cheese burger from McDonald's - $1.49 cheese burger - and I was not sure if I had the money and right then and there I decided I was done with it.  Sugar Shack Quilting would no longer interfere in the lives of me or more my family... well once it was closed that is.


The big decision behind me, notice was given and the packing and sales began. I am still tired!  Totally could not have done it without my Mum.  Seems everyone else bailed - there in the good times, not so much in the less than good.  I get it, it is human nature.  I probably would have done the same and it is not the first time that my Mum has been the one holding me up when all I wanted was to lie down.

My house was packed to the rafters.  The main floor, literally, looked like an episode of Hoarders for about three weeks.  Now it is just the dining room and my future office.

The Mouth came home and we 'remodeled' the upstairs porch so that he could have a room.  Good times.


Christmas was my December. :o)

And now here I am feeling like it is already 2013 and there are still 2 days left of 2012!  I have plans and I am eager to get started!

:o)  Happy New Year!!  Tina

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Merry and all that Jazz

I have not had much opportunity for posting the last couple of weeks but wanted to wish everyone a very happy holiday season.  See you.... well, some of you maybe.... in 2013!

:o)  Tina

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This is SO Cool.

About once a year I get on a kick with geneology.  I just got onto that kick this afternoon.  I signe dup for the 14 day free trial at  I have to say, it is pretty freaking cool. I am all the way back to like 1700 on one side.

This is my 3rd great Aunt Sophia Sly (1816 - 1893).

Sophia Sly 1816-1893

I think YES!!

:o) Tina

Monday, December 17, 2012

OMG BLOGGER!!!! Yah Jerk!

I wrote a huge witty, fun to read post and it is lost.  All of it. Gone.

I am not rewriting it.  I am not good at rewrites. :(

Bummer.  Stupid Blogger!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I am a Hoarder

So, I can see my floors again but there is still a lot to be done - and a lot that still has to find a home.  I am currently sitting with half of my bum on a very hard uncomfortable steno chair just so that I can reach out and touch base (hahaha - I just sang that in my mind!).

I was just puttering - making tea, getting dinner in the crock pot and I was thinking about my new 'boss' and the fact that today he mentioned that he was a hoarder.  I think, not like on Hoarders, more like on Canadian Pickers, but he did mention that he owns seven houses and one of them houses him, his wife, their two dogs and two contain his stuff. I am a bit of a hoarder too and was making a mental list and thought you might like to hear it:

My List of Shame

Information - patterns, recipes and quotes top the list but it is by no means exclusive to those things.  As of right this minute, I have 1,861 pins and 1,085 likes on Pinterest - I use my likes to quickly add something I want to pin once I have verified the link.  I never pin without a valid link. Pinterest was amazing for me - is - as it allows me to organize my hoard and keep it off of my hard drive.

Ribbon - I have so much ribbon it is nuts and I have really just started using it a little bit.  I still have ribbon from when I married H1 in 1997 and closing my shop has made this problem SO much worse... Is it a problem?  I think not. :)

Thread and Bobbins - This one will probably subside now that I do not have the shop.  When I closed, I took all of the remaining bobbins and thread before we really even began clearance.  I was pretty excited to be the proud owner of 1200 spools of thread and 1500 bobbins, cause you know I will use them. ;)

Gift Wrap, Gift Bags and Pretty Paper - Although not as severe as the ribbon thing, I do collect these things and find it difficult to part with them.

Cookie Cutters - Probably no body but my kids knows about this little obsession.  I have about 50 and I bake about every three years. I would buy more too.  They are just so cool.

China and Flat Ware - Especially bowls - I have so many I have lost count and I can not resist buying more if I see a cute vintage one while thrifting.  I have so many forks and knives in my cutlery drawer that I use plastic basket because one of those regular cutlery holders would not even come close.

Baskets - I love baskets.  Love them.  I have about 100.  Seriously.

Paper Clips - I can't explain this one.  It's like the button thing.  I will steal them, pick them up out of mud puddles.  I cannot resist them. Especially the colourful plastic coated ones...

I just paused and thought, hmm, what else.  How could I forget this one?!

BUTTONS - I probably have a million.  No joke.  And I LOATH using them.  I feel like I am giving them up and I will never see them again.  Can you say, crazy?

I am sure there are more, they just aren't popping into my mind right now.  I will add some if they come to me. :o)

I will be back soon, I want to get back into the swing of posting again.  I am missing my secret blog life, I just need to clear off a seat... I think I am three Fill in the Blank Fridays behind!

:o)  Tina