Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Stories #1

If you are reading this and you know me personally, please know that it is not my intention to hurt, harm, or disrespect anyone.  These are events the way that I remember them, the way I lived them, how I felt about them. This is only about me.  Nobody else. This is my story.

I think I can.  I know I can.  I will.

As Far Back as I Can Remember

My first memories are of simple things.  The first day of kindergarten when everyone cried but me.  Trips to my Grandma's house in all kinds of weather and how good it felt to be there.  Chasing my cousin Michael's friends around the walnut tree, trying to catch them to kiss them.  Playing baseball with all the boys in the yard of the empy house across the street.  The hot summer, eating cereal out of plastic cups and dirty carrots and yummy green beans out of my Grandma's garden; having a drink from the hose to avoid going in for fear of not getting back out into the sunshine or the setting sun.  Playing kick the can on summer nights and hiding under the back deck with my cousin Michael, listening to the crickets chirp their summer song.  The cats in "the back bush" who would come out once in a while looking mangy to see if anything and been left for them by my gentle, yet tough Grandma.

My Grandma, my paternal grandmother, played a large part in my childhood.  She lived 45 minutes away from us in a small town centered around a warm, clear lake.  She had been born there, both of her parents were Italian immigrants and she was the third from youngest of eight children.  The house she lived in was the house my Dad was born in, the house my great-grandfather (my Nono) built for himself and my Nona to live in.  This all sounds very country, and maybe it was in 1948 when my Dad was born, but it is now a hot spot for summer tourism.  Makes me feel kind of sick and desperate to be there now - even just driving through - for so so many reason.

When I was a kid, my Grandma had a garden that took up most of her yard.  I did not know it then, but she did not have much of an income and so she was very industrious about how to feed our family.  My three cousins (Wayne, Paul, and Micheal) lived with her and we (my parents, my brother, and I) spent almost all of my Dad's days off there.  It was such a nice feeling of family and togetherness. There was always someone to play with - even if I was the only girl - and always something delicious for dinner and a warm bed to crawl into at the end of the day.

My cousins' mom died of what they think was an anyerism in June 1970 when Micheal was about six months old.  Paul 2. Wayne 5.  They went to spend the summer with my Grandma and stayed forever.  I am glad, for me, that they did.  I cannot imagine my childhood without them in it.  My Uncle Ted (my Dad's brother, their Dad), lived in Vancouver and came to the Lake almost as much as we did - weather permitting.  We all had our own "home" on my Grandma's property.  Honestly, it was magic.

Summer was nice and winter just as much so.  My Grandma made the worst mashed potatoes (dry and crumbly beacuse she did not like milk and used butter sparingly) but the best Christmas baking ever.  I miss her.  A lot. When I close my eyes and try to remember other things to write about her and her home, I can't remember things so much as smells.  The lilac bush between her house and our cabin, the wood fire she used to heat her place in the winter, the bread she was almost always baking, cigarette smoke from her funny little cigarettes rolled with rolling papers.  Or I hear sounds, the sounds of the grown ups laughing at the adult table over Christmas dinner, the hens clucking in the chicken coop as they work to lay the eggs we are going to snatch out from under them for our breakfast, the big trucks going down the nearby highway at night, or my favorite Grandma sounds - her plastic bottomed slippers shuffling on the floor and the sound of her whistling between her teeth.

My Dad said to me once that memory is like a muscle.  The more you use it, the stronger it gets.  I try to remember often.  For me it is something like watch a TV show in my imagination.  I like to look back on the past - not to relive it, or feel sad about its passing but to keep it alive.  I have lived so much in my 38 years, and I am just now slowing down and thinking - whoa.  Am I half way there?

I am 38.  Seriously?  I have a hard time believing it.  That is old enough to be a grown up but somehow I do not feel like one - not even on a good day.  I was born in March 1973.  My little brother arrived in January 1975. We lived in a little house on the hillside, not far from where I live now, and then moved to a more prestigious neighborhood, to slightly bigger house, when I was three.  My parents still live there.

To be continued...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Friday - again, already.  Really??  The days are dragging yet the weeks are flying by!  Go figure.

The kitchen is still kitchen counter and sink-less so we are going to have a picnic in the park for our dinner.  I have been looking forward to it since yesterday when the plan flickered into my brain...

1. My favorite color is any shade of pink - right now I like dark watermelon pink.  I also really really love orange, red, lime green, and chartreuse.

2. My travel destination of choice is Vancouver, BC to see all of the people and things I miss not living there.  It is my home away from home.

3. My favorite food is potatoe chips.  I wish it were something healthier but there is the ugly truth.  Right now it is Miss. Vickie's Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar.  Yummy.

4. My happy place is my home.  Especially right now when things seem so hard at the shop.  (This economy is the pits!! Grrr).

5. My favorite saying is "Time is a train. Makes the future the past. She's standing in the station her face pressed up against the glass." That is a line from Zoo Station by U2. I had a few years during my 20s when I gleeped onto this song, it was how I was feeling at the time.

6. My dirty little secret is ... I am so NOT filling in this blank!

7. Something friends might say about me is that I am honest. Reliable maybe? I like to think those things. Maybe that I have a good laugh.  I don't know...  I will have to take a poll.

This weekend I plan to relax and do nothing but read and sew.  I will keep you posted!

Have a great weekend!! 

:o)  Tina

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Facebook Status I had to Share

An old Cherokee told his grandson, "My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, and truth." The boy thought about it, and asked, "Grandfather, which wolf wins?" The old man quietly replied, "The one you feed."

One of Those Days...

You know the kind I am talking about.  You wake up with a feeling of doom causing a heaviness in your shoulders. You get to work and WHAM! news you did not anticipate and do not know how to deal with and then all you want to do is go home after that - where it is safe and quiet (in a busy family sort of way) and everyone loves you and your sewing machine waits patiently for you.  Today is one of those days for me.

It is only money. Nothing life or health related (thank you God).  I just wish it did not matter as much as it does. Money does not make me happy but having it eases my stress - which in turn, kind of makes me happy.  I have lots of important things that make me happy, real things.  I have a kind considerate husband, amazing beautiful intelligent HEALTHY children, and plenty of extended family members and few good friends who love me rich or poor, bad decisions or good.  I am lucky.  I need to focus on the good...

Thanks for letting me vent.  I will focus on the good things.  The short people, CH, PITA and her tribe, beloved Grandpa (who brings bad news but feels for you and wants to help you).  All of these people.  SO much more important than any things.

I love Maxine.  She always puts a chuckle in my belly.  Someone I was once very close got me onto her and I have never let her go.  That someone has some troubles of her own right now that are so much worse than my money problems, I have been praying for her family and hope that things get good for them.  You can read more about this person when I get to her in my Saturday Stories, she played a big part in my life from 16 to 25.

My all time favorite Maxine comic says "Don't believe everything you think." - isn't that great!

So about the Saturday Stories, have I mentioned it yet?  My cousin Tegan and I (while I was staying with her and her family on my summer holiday) talked about writing a book about our Mums and our Aunts and one each of their numerous children to carry on the story of our family.  I decided that I would blog my own story - for now - on Saturdays.  I hope you enjoy it.  I would love feedback so come back on Saturday and check it out!

Thanks again for listening.  Sometimes you just need to talk about things to get them off your chest and you feel better. I feel better.

xo :o)  Tina

Oh yah, and PS.  Still no kitchen sink but progress is going very well!

First coat of rock stuff.  Looking great!
Cat foot print in the rock stuff.  

I hope that you can see it once all the layers are added.  I love this little Violet print where the cat food usually lives on a little patch of counter next to the fridge. Sigh...  nothing better than cat love...  well almost nothing...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

We are redoing our kitchen right now and it sucks.  Perhaps if it was a $10,000 make-over done by contractors with an amazing outcome where you are looking at your kitchen with tears in your eyes when it is all done, then it would suck less.  It isn't.  CH is painting the cupboards and resurfacing the laminate counter tops.  It is going to be great but no kitchen sink for like 10 days is going to be hard - it is back breaking washing the dishes in the bathroom but I know it will be oh so worth it...

The top cupboards - complete with Slap Chop.

Obviously, the bottom cupboards.  I do not recommend a light colour for your cupboards with children, pets and messy husbands.  They are so ratty and banged up from 7 years of family abuse.
I took this one yesterday after the mega sanding that CH did to get the green painted counters ready for the stone like coating he will be applying over the next couple of days.  Today he is eating ant inflammatories like Smarties at the casino with his brother (PITA's Dad) and tomorrow... we shall see.  Counter tops perhaps.

The stone coating is supposed to take about 5 days so I estimate 10... will I survive that long without a kitchen sink?  Will I beat up my sweet husband with the broom (assuming I can find it int he mess).  I will keep you posted.

:o)  Tina

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

by Kim Edwards

The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim EdwardsThis book was some serious reading.  I liked it for its humanness and hated it for its sadness and loneliness.  The premise of the story is that of a man struggling with an enormous secret that he kept in an effort to protect someone he loved and the consequences of that secret.  He was sad man; lonely and always searching for something in his life that he never really found.

You can read more about the book here.

*PS After my rant in my Water for Elephants post about being a reading poser, when I searched for an image for this post I found out this book is a movie too!  Came out in 2008 as a TV movie, I am going to check see if they have it on Netflix!

*PPS I watched Water for Elephants.  It was good, but not The Notebook good like I was hoping for.  I am sure I would have thought so if I had not read the book first.  So if you have not seen, nor read.  SEE FIRST READ SECOND.

:o)  Tina

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Freshly back from Vacation and so not wanting to be. Bummer Summer my foot - I am having a great time!! Arrived home yesterday with a plan for another trip at the end of the summer.  We had such a great time, I managed to keep a journal of the basics and I took lots of pictures.  I will write about it later this week.

1.   One of my happiest moments ever was when CH told me I was pregnant. I was a little anxious about telling him as it was not really planned - although very much wanted - and as it was our fourth child (collectively) I was not sure what to expect. He says to"Just tell me already." I say "Tell you what?" He says "That you are pregnant." I cry. It was great. She is great.

2.  Summer is wedding season and weddings are  a great place to catch up with family and friends. I have a big extended family and always eagerly await the next wedding - right now we all seem to be in the baby shower rather than the wedding phase.

3.  This summer  has been really great despite the lousy weather.  I have been happy and having a great time with my kids and of course with CH.

4.  My summer food of choice has been raspberries and strawberries.  I am just biding my time for the cucumbers and peaches.  I love this season of bounty.

5.  My summer uniform has been   capris and t-shirts.  Pretty much the same as every other summer only this year I am not so blinkin' hot.  I *gasp* have been enjoying the unseasonably cool weather.

6.  If I could spend the entire summer in one location I would choose Boundary Bay. Or more practically (as it has food, a bed, bathroom facilities, etc.) my Aunt's house in Lions Bay.  I LOVE the ocean so so much. If the weather were better I would want to be at Champion Lakes which is a quick half hour away.

7.  My summer anthem is  this year is "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele.  I have an it song every summer and the last three (including this one) have been dictated in part by what is really singable with my kids.  Last year was "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum and "Goodbye Earl" by the Dixie Chicks - so singable.  Love them.

K. I have lots of catch up posting to do! Have a wonderful Friday!

:o) Tina

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Blanks I Missed While I Was Away

1.   I am a (morning, evening, middle of the day person) evening person - well night - but I would like to convert that to being a morning person. I think it might be healthier and a better use of my time, it seems to be what people who lead productive lives do.

2.  My favorite Pandora stations are ... I had to Google Pandora to find out what this was! It sounds great I will have to get back to you!

3.  3 of my "must-have" songs for a road trip playlist are  I cannot pick 3. I really love music and I really love to sing. When I was a kid I dreamed of being a rock star - my brother used to get so mad at me for singing "Mickey" by Toni Basil endlessly.

4.  My favorite pattern is small floral.  I always take a second look at everything that is small floral.  I am also a big fan of paisley... which may also be a form of small floral...

5.  My favorite perfume is  Fracus. I have no idea who makes it but I got a bottle in high school for cheap and when I went to get more the price has gone shooting up to $250!!

6.  Rules are made to be broken!! During my visit with my wonderful and amazing cousin Tegan I have decided that I am going to start a second blog - about my history. Then you will see why I say rules are made to be broken. :o)

7.  My most overused phrase or punctuation is  "That's interesting." I did not realize how often I said it until I realized that the Little Man was saying it a lot and PITA pointed out that he must have got it from me!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Castaways

The Castaways Elin Hilderbrandby Elin Hilderbrand

This was a good book - but not Water for Elephants good.  I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I had not just read Water for Elephants (which was amazing).  It was a good book to read while lying on a blanket in the sun - one eye on the kids and one eye on the book.  Worth picking up for a beach weekend.

The basis of the book is the death of two friends from a group of friends and the secrets, lies and feelings revealed following those deaths.  It was interesting and clean - from the synopsis, I kind of expected it to be a little more down and dirt and the secrets to be a little more juicy.

Overall, I give it 3 1/2, maybe 4, stars for easy summer reading.

:o)  Tina

Monday, July 11, 2011

Water for Elephants

by Sara Gruen

water for elephants
I hate reading books when the movie has just come out. It makes me feel like a reading poser.  Despite this strange quirk, I read Water for Elephants.  My dear friend Karen brought it to me the day before we left for vacation so that I had something to read - pretty nice huh?

Thank Goodness she brought it for me - it was so, so good.  The perfect summer reading.  There was not one single solitary paragraph that I did not enjoy and not I cannot wait to see the movie! I hope it is like The Time Traveler's Wife - amazing book, fabulous movie - dare I get my hopes up?

I give this book a 5 star rating for the perfect summer reading.

:o)  Tina

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Tomorrow I am going on vacation!!!!!!!!! I apologize if this post is crappy but I am not that into it today cause I AM GOING ON VACATION TOMORROW!!!!!! I am just a *little* excited.  Just a little.

the little things we do
1. My plans this summer include some camping and some visiting with family far away.  I am also hoping to get the the Vancouver Folk Festival to watch my cousin and his band.  We are leaving tomorrow on this little adventure!!!!!

The one with the "shirt and tie" on is my cousin Joseph Abbott - he was 15 when this video was made (I think).  You should watch it.  He is amazing. I am very proud!!

2. The best summer I ever had was probably .... who knows.  Summer almost always seems fabulous.  Maybe the year I went to Italy for a month.  Maybe the year I went to The Lake every weekend. Maybe the year I met CH.  They all have good things about them which make it impossible to choose "the best" one.

Christina Lake BC British Columbia North End
North End of Christina Lake BC - one day I will have to write a series of posts about this place that I once loved and am now haunted by and all of the complicated reasons for that.
Been there.  Seen that. SO plan on doing it again!
 3. Summer is flip flops, running through the sprinkler, crickets chirping, bees buzzing and frogs croaking, hot days at the beach, driving fast with the windows down and the wind in my hair, fresh peaches, BBQs with my family and so much more...

4. My favorite summer food is fresh cucumber from the garden, fresh carrots/bean/potatoes all cooked together, hamburger patties with fresh parsley in them, and friend zucchini - all of which is best when cooked by my Mum.

5. The best way to quench a summer thirst is with a wonderful delicious pepsi slurpee.  So good.  So refreshing.  Takes the summer heat out of my bones.

6. My summer uniform consists of shorts or capris and a t-shirt when I am out, usually a long skit acting as a dress when I am at home.  The problem is the bra.  Why don't they make them out of something cool?  It seems like punishment on the hottest days of summer.

7. The best thing about summer is that it is almost as if time stands still, or at least slows way down.  I also REALLY love having my kids around more often than they are during the school year when the are not only busy with school but with activities.  It feels like family time. The end of the summer always seems to just all of a sudden be there.

Okay, so that is it for a few days, maybe.  If I have wireless I will post, and I will write and save some entires during our big adventure.

Take care, talk to you soon.

:o)  Tina

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Customer Photo Session...

We had a couple of ladies in from Halifax yesterday and one of them snapped some photos and was kind enough to send them to me. The first few are of "the other shop", but from our front door into our green shop... Have look...

:o)  Tina

Handle with Care

Jodie Picoult Handle With CareI am about three quarters of the way through this book by Jodie Picoult (the author of My Sister's Keeper) and although I am enjoying it, I do NOT agree with the choices the mother of the child whose life the book is based on is making. I think she is being selfish and making choices that will have as much of a negative impact (if not more) that a postive one on her family.  Like I said, three quarters of the way through.  I will post an update when I am finished the book.

Having said that, if you are looking for an interesting, easy read this is a book that will keep you entertained without being too heavy (although it is a serious subject).  It is written in the same format as My Sister's Keeper - expressing everyone's point of view - which I really like.  I plan to read some of Jodie's other 16 books that I have not read, while I am ON VACATION!!!

Read more about Handle with Care on Jodie's website.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Freebie Wednesday

I did not have time to get anything done for you today.  CH and I have been working on getting the kitchen painted (well, him working, me watching), I took 4 days off of work and am taking another 10 this week coming (we are taking the kids on a vacation to some water slides and then to a family reunion in Vancouver *just in case I have not mentioned it a time or two*), which I am pretty excited about - but it might mean that it is pretty quite around here for a few days.

SO last night we had no kids.  Which hardly ever happens.  So we worked.  Crazy huh?  We should have been home spending "quality" time together or painting the kitchen.  But no.  Responsible us, worked.  We had yummy burgers and fries from The Spot for dinner.  Very good but not so good for you.  This is a fried cheese, cheese burger.  Sounds like a cardiac arrest waiting to happen, tastes like it will be served in heaven.

cheese burger and fries

Here are some other photos of my week to keep you entertained.  Happy Summer!

This a wedding dress that my Mum made from a picture in a magazine.  I did some work on it too but the majority of it was her so there are no close-ups of mine.  Don't want to toot my own own horn when she did such a great job!
kids in the summer
The Little Man, Oliver, Trysta (Oliver's Aunt and Penelope's BFF), and Penelope.  My shorties are away with my parents since yesterday and I really really miss them.

kitchen makeover
The beginning of the kitchen makeover.  Lots has been done since this picture was taken but there is still lots more to go.  I was hoping to have it done by the time we are ready to leave for our vacation on Saturday but I won't hold my breath!.

Noah Rollard Louis Thirsk
My sweet little nephew.  PITA is his mom.

Brandi Alane Ihas Thirsk
The sweet nephew's Mum, PITA, at the shop.  This is a picture I will use more than once!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Look how pretty the shop looks!  :o)
black cat
Fred.  Givin' me some sugar last night. Not lovin' the camera in his face. I was hoping to get a good shot of his hairless lips as I find them amusing.  He is so snugly the minute you crawl into bed and ignores you the rest of the time.  Cats are so strange a neurotic.  I think people love them for their mystery the same way people love dogs for their devotion.

Hope you enjoyed those.  I know I did. Especially the one of PITA cause I know she is gonna kick my butt over it! Love you Lady! x

:o)  Tina

Facts about Canada

I feel like I might have been a little rough on the good old US of A in my last post and that was not my intention. Having said that, here are some really great reasons why I love Canada as much as I do.

Canada is the second largest country in the world, 9,971,000 square kilometers.  There are 3.4 people per square kilometer as compared to the USA which is 9,826,675 and there are 32 people per square kilometer.

Basketball, the electric light bulb, the electric range, the electron microscope, standard time, the baseball glove, the television, the telephone, instant mashed potatoes, the pacemaker, the zipper, frozen food, and lots of other things you cannot imagine life without were all invented in Canada.

According to the United Nations Human Development Index, Canada has the highest quality of life in the world. Vancouver, British Columbia is with Zurich Switzerland for the highest quality of life of any city in the world.

All Canadian have free access to health care.  Most people over 65 receive their prescriptions for free, as do low income families.

Canada maintains 38 national parks, which cover about 2% of the country's landmass. Banff, located on the eastern slopes of Alberta's Rocky Mountains, is the oldest (est. 1885); Tuktut Nogait, in the Northwest Territories, was established in 1996. There are 836 national historic sites, designated in honour of people, places and events that figure in the country's history. Canada also has over 1000 provincial parks and nearly 50 territorial parks.

A few more interesting fact can be found here. Canada is big and beautiful, you should come see for yourself.

:o)  Tina

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I am Canadian so these questions are not really going to work for me but I will alter them to fit into the Canadian version or July 4th - July 1st, Canada Day.

1. What do you traditionally do for 4th of July? July 1 is Canada Day
When I was a kid we used to, for some reason I find quite odd now, go and have a big picnic in a park in Washington State...  weird, we left Canada on Canada Day.  Now, my family and I attend a community gathering at a local park, and then have a BBQ and watch the fire works.

2. Did you follow your tradition this year? How did you celebrate yesterday? Yesterday I hung around the house while CH painted the kitchen, but on Canada Day...
the Little Man was away for the weekend so CH and I took Penelope and my nephew went to Beaver Creek park for some birthday cake.  CH developed a migraine and was down for the count so I took the kids and we went to a birthday party for one of CH's cousins. Later Penelope, CH and I went and watched the fire works. A little different than usual, but I had a nice time.

3. What’s the best fireworks show you've ever seen?
Surely and I used to attend the Symphony of Fire in Vancouver when I lived there.  It was so amazing to be on the beach at night with thousands of people who were hardly speaking as they listened to the radio through their headphones and watched the amazing display. If you have never been, I highly recommend it. We always loved it thoroughly.

Symphony of Fire Vancouver British Columbia

4. Have you ever been injured by a firecracker?
No. And I don’t plan on it! I am very cautious by nature.

5. Burger, Brat, or Hot Dog?
I don’t eat tubed meat. So my answer is obviously burger but having said that, I am fussy and it is complicated.  I have food fobias...

6. Do you sport red, white and blue on our Independence Day? We are red and white in Canada.
I don't but I usually, but I do dress my kids (at the very least Penelope) in something colour appropriate.  I slacked off this year as the Little Man was away and Penelope looks nice is pink...

heart shaped Canadian Flag
7. If you had to be from any country other than the USA Canada, what country would it be? 
I have been anywhere besides the USA and Italy.  I would not, could not (sorry) move south of the border but might consider Italy if I could find a reasonably priced place to live.  It is an amazing place but I would have to investigate their health care and school systems.  I would not move to the USA as it does not offer much positive change from Canada other than more (and cheaper) shopping. (Again, not meant as an offence, but I am a Michael Moore fan and watch way too much TV).

8. Charcoal or gas?
Gas - it is just so easy. But I also like a steak cooked over a camp fire.  VERY tasty.

9. What’s your favorite thing about this fair country of ours?
I am a positive person so “favorite” things aren’t easy for me to answer - there are always too many of them! Canada is beautiful and vast in climate and culture.  Canada's people are known throughout the world as being passive, polite, friendly, kind and considerate. I love that I have freedom of speech, health care based on my income, a high standard of living even at my modest income level.  I love that I do not worry about crime and that it is not because I am in denial but because we have a low crime rate. I love that my children get a good education that is paid for and that mother's can collect unemployment benefits for a year after their child is born. I think that my absolute favorite thing is that this is my home and I am so very proud to be Canadian.

10. God Bless the USA, My Country Tis of Thee, or the Star Spangled Banner? Oh Canada or God Save the Queen
I do not prefer one over the other as they are both a tribute to things (a place or a person) whom I love very very much.

I hope I did okay with these answers....  kind of tricky....

:o)  Tina

Monday, July 4, 2011

Stumbled Upon #2

I have spent more time reading than looking this week.  I am addicted to the saucy blogs.  I love the laughter in my belly.  Check them out - they all have funny stories to tell (with that perfect amount of swearing that seems to make them just that much funnier). The Blogess, dooce, Mommy Wants Vodka, Mushroom Printing, and Band Back Together.  Each of these blogs is a great read, but please do not visit them if you are offended by colourful language and sarcasm - they are full of it (but hilarious and in some cases heart warming).

So a couple of things I passed by on Etsy this week.  Well the pumpkin thing I have been kind of stocking...

I have had my eye on this pumpkin casserole dish for sometime but as I rarely entertain and rarely go anywhere besides to my in-laws for a BBQ... sometime in the future maybe.  You could buy it though, on Etsy.
Beautiful and creative pottery flowers (I love flowers), also on Etsy.
With school out and summer well on the way I have had a little less bloggin time.  The next couple of weeks are scheduled to be hectic, I will take lots of photos and post from my phone while I am on the road...

:o)  Tina

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

fill in the blank Friday
the little things we do

Happy Birthday Canada!  I am so done for the day. The regular bra is off, the sports bra is on, and my feet are up... but I still have to drag my tired bum to watch the fireworks (I don't love watching the fireworks, but as a mother, I am obligated). I hope you have a happy Friday and have amazing things planned for the long weekend.  I am going to take FOUR days off and relax... perhaps even finish Penelope's curtains and her quilt...

1. The best news I ever received was when the doctor said "It's a boy!" and three years later and much more surprisingly, "It's a girl!"

The Little Man on the left and Penelope on the right.
2. Something I'm looking forward to is going on our family vacation to beautiful amazing Vancouver, BC for my family's annual Sports Day.

3. Something I would never do is go skydiving or bungee jumping - I have a hard time forcing myself to jump from the rope swing at our local pool.  I redefine chicken.

4. If I could choose someone to be my life coach (famous or not, living or dead), I'd choose this older man who lives in my city who came from Germany or some such place with like $12 and now owns half the town.  I might be less of a slumlord than he is but I would love to have outright title to a large amount of real estate, it would make me feel secure.  That is for my business life - my money making life. Personally, CH (although he often feels like dirt as a result of his degenerative joint disease and the complications arising from that) is a wonderful life coach on his good days.  He is kind and patient and understanding of human nature - like I said, on his good days...

Good Day....Not so Good Day
5. If I had to put a label on my style it would be plain.  I almost always wear the same combination of plain pants or capris or shorts with a bright orange, red, pink, or blue t shirt.  Pretty lame.  I need a makeover.

6. One should always be kind to others. I believe that there is always a reason for people to bring them to a place where they are acting badly and it is a good idea to always remember not to burn bridges and to take the feelings and reactions of others into consideration.  My email signature reads "Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”  It costs you nothing to be kind but it may cost others dearly if you are not.

7. I want to become wealthy and famous for my amazing skills as a blogger, sewer, crafter, mother and spectacular wife! hahaha

Have a safe and happy long weekend!

:o) Tina