Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Freebie Wednesday

I did not have time to get anything done for you today.  CH and I have been working on getting the kitchen painted (well, him working, me watching), I took 4 days off of work and am taking another 10 this week coming (we are taking the kids on a vacation to some water slides and then to a family reunion in Vancouver *just in case I have not mentioned it a time or two*), which I am pretty excited about - but it might mean that it is pretty quite around here for a few days.

SO last night we had no kids.  Which hardly ever happens.  So we worked.  Crazy huh?  We should have been home spending "quality" time together or painting the kitchen.  But no.  Responsible us, worked.  We had yummy burgers and fries from The Spot for dinner.  Very good but not so good for you.  This is a fried cheese, cheese burger.  Sounds like a cardiac arrest waiting to happen, tastes like it will be served in heaven.

cheese burger and fries

Here are some other photos of my week to keep you entertained.  Happy Summer!

This a wedding dress that my Mum made from a picture in a magazine.  I did some work on it too but the majority of it was her so there are no close-ups of mine.  Don't want to toot my own own horn when she did such a great job!
kids in the summer
The Little Man, Oliver, Trysta (Oliver's Aunt and Penelope's BFF), and Penelope.  My shorties are away with my parents since yesterday and I really really miss them.

kitchen makeover
The beginning of the kitchen makeover.  Lots has been done since this picture was taken but there is still lots more to go.  I was hoping to have it done by the time we are ready to leave for our vacation on Saturday but I won't hold my breath!.

Noah Rollard Louis Thirsk
My sweet little nephew.  PITA is his mom.

Brandi Alane Ihas Thirsk
The sweet nephew's Mum, PITA, at the shop.  This is a picture I will use more than once!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Look how pretty the shop looks!  :o)
black cat
Fred.  Givin' me some sugar last night. Not lovin' the camera in his face. I was hoping to get a good shot of his hairless lips as I find them amusing.  He is so snugly the minute you crawl into bed and ignores you the rest of the time.  Cats are so strange a neurotic.  I think people love them for their mystery the same way people love dogs for their devotion.

Hope you enjoyed those.  I know I did. Especially the one of PITA cause I know she is gonna kick my butt over it! Love you Lady! x

:o)  Tina

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  1. That picture of PITA needs to be framed!!!


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