Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

We are redoing our kitchen right now and it sucks.  Perhaps if it was a $10,000 make-over done by contractors with an amazing outcome where you are looking at your kitchen with tears in your eyes when it is all done, then it would suck less.  It isn't.  CH is painting the cupboards and resurfacing the laminate counter tops.  It is going to be great but no kitchen sink for like 10 days is going to be hard - it is back breaking washing the dishes in the bathroom but I know it will be oh so worth it...

The top cupboards - complete with Slap Chop.

Obviously, the bottom cupboards.  I do not recommend a light colour for your cupboards with children, pets and messy husbands.  They are so ratty and banged up from 7 years of family abuse.
I took this one yesterday after the mega sanding that CH did to get the green painted counters ready for the stone like coating he will be applying over the next couple of days.  Today he is eating ant inflammatories like Smarties at the casino with his brother (PITA's Dad) and tomorrow... we shall see.  Counter tops perhaps.

The stone coating is supposed to take about 5 days so I estimate 10... will I survive that long without a kitchen sink?  Will I beat up my sweet husband with the broom (assuming I can find it int he mess).  I will keep you posted.

:o)  Tina

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  1. I will be staying tuned to see how this saga goes!! It is a true test of your marriage when you under go such a renovation. Best wishes!

    Deb from


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