Friday, July 8, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Tomorrow I am going on vacation!!!!!!!!! I apologize if this post is crappy but I am not that into it today cause I AM GOING ON VACATION TOMORROW!!!!!! I am just a *little* excited.  Just a little.

the little things we do
1. My plans this summer include some camping and some visiting with family far away.  I am also hoping to get the the Vancouver Folk Festival to watch my cousin and his band.  We are leaving tomorrow on this little adventure!!!!!

The one with the "shirt and tie" on is my cousin Joseph Abbott - he was 15 when this video was made (I think).  You should watch it.  He is amazing. I am very proud!!

2. The best summer I ever had was probably .... who knows.  Summer almost always seems fabulous.  Maybe the year I went to Italy for a month.  Maybe the year I went to The Lake every weekend. Maybe the year I met CH.  They all have good things about them which make it impossible to choose "the best" one.

Christina Lake BC British Columbia North End
North End of Christina Lake BC - one day I will have to write a series of posts about this place that I once loved and am now haunted by and all of the complicated reasons for that.
Been there.  Seen that. SO plan on doing it again!
 3. Summer is flip flops, running through the sprinkler, crickets chirping, bees buzzing and frogs croaking, hot days at the beach, driving fast with the windows down and the wind in my hair, fresh peaches, BBQs with my family and so much more...

4. My favorite summer food is fresh cucumber from the garden, fresh carrots/bean/potatoes all cooked together, hamburger patties with fresh parsley in them, and friend zucchini - all of which is best when cooked by my Mum.

5. The best way to quench a summer thirst is with a wonderful delicious pepsi slurpee.  So good.  So refreshing.  Takes the summer heat out of my bones.

6. My summer uniform consists of shorts or capris and a t-shirt when I am out, usually a long skit acting as a dress when I am at home.  The problem is the bra.  Why don't they make them out of something cool?  It seems like punishment on the hottest days of summer.

7. The best thing about summer is that it is almost as if time stands still, or at least slows way down.  I also REALLY love having my kids around more often than they are during the school year when the are not only busy with school but with activities.  It feels like family time. The end of the summer always seems to just all of a sudden be there.

Okay, so that is it for a few days, maybe.  If I have wireless I will post, and I will write and save some entires during our big adventure.

Take care, talk to you soon.

:o)  Tina


  1. Sounds like you enjoy life! That is such a blessing!!! ♥♥♥ The leaning tower is frightening to me! I hate heights, and I just know it would fall if I visited there! LOL Yes, I'm an optomist! :)

    1. I do really enjoy my life. I am blessed to have a wonderful and amazing family and a few really really good friends, as well as my health (and the health of my family and friends, for the most part) and a roof over my head! I went to the Leaning Tower in 1997 and they wouldn't let people inside then, so I am sure they won't now. It is beautiful and I am sure much smaller than you imagine - you should go! Sounds like you are not only an optimist but also a realist! ;)


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