Thursday, July 28, 2011

One of Those Days...

You know the kind I am talking about.  You wake up with a feeling of doom causing a heaviness in your shoulders. You get to work and WHAM! news you did not anticipate and do not know how to deal with and then all you want to do is go home after that - where it is safe and quiet (in a busy family sort of way) and everyone loves you and your sewing machine waits patiently for you.  Today is one of those days for me.

It is only money. Nothing life or health related (thank you God).  I just wish it did not matter as much as it does. Money does not make me happy but having it eases my stress - which in turn, kind of makes me happy.  I have lots of important things that make me happy, real things.  I have a kind considerate husband, amazing beautiful intelligent HEALTHY children, and plenty of extended family members and few good friends who love me rich or poor, bad decisions or good.  I am lucky.  I need to focus on the good...

Thanks for letting me vent.  I will focus on the good things.  The short people, CH, PITA and her tribe, beloved Grandpa (who brings bad news but feels for you and wants to help you).  All of these people.  SO much more important than any things.

I love Maxine.  She always puts a chuckle in my belly.  Someone I was once very close got me onto her and I have never let her go.  That someone has some troubles of her own right now that are so much worse than my money problems, I have been praying for her family and hope that things get good for them.  You can read more about this person when I get to her in my Saturday Stories, she played a big part in my life from 16 to 25.

My all time favorite Maxine comic says "Don't believe everything you think." - isn't that great!

So about the Saturday Stories, have I mentioned it yet?  My cousin Tegan and I (while I was staying with her and her family on my summer holiday) talked about writing a book about our Mums and our Aunts and one each of their numerous children to carry on the story of our family.  I decided that I would blog my own story - for now - on Saturdays.  I hope you enjoy it.  I would love feedback so come back on Saturday and check it out!

Thanks again for listening.  Sometimes you just need to talk about things to get them off your chest and you feel better. I feel better.

xo :o)  Tina

Oh yah, and PS.  Still no kitchen sink but progress is going very well!

First coat of rock stuff.  Looking great!
Cat foot print in the rock stuff.  

I hope that you can see it once all the layers are added.  I love this little Violet print where the cat food usually lives on a little patch of counter next to the fridge. Sigh...  nothing better than cat love...  well almost nothing...


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