Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Time Blues

This summer went by so fast - way too fast.  I am sad that it is so close to being over but admittedly, I am looking forward to having a schedule again.  I work so much better when my kids are not bugging each other in the other room when I am trying to focus on writing something charming and witty. ;)

I had a busy day today.  Market in the morning with Nag and then to Nelson for my fourth drop off at the Craft Connection.  Pretty happy about that.  We had a really great talk about CH on the way home, didn't make me feel any better but it helped me to understand a bit better and perhaps, more easily work with him, rather than the current scenario of my imagining, on a fairly consistent basis, hitting him with a baseball bat to knock some sense into his brain.

The thing is, I am fine.  I do not suffer any metal health issues.  Not saying I am perfect - or even all that normal - I just don't struggle.  When I am acting like an asshole, I usually know it.  And I am sorry for it. When I am stuck, I usually know it. If I don't I know I have people who will tell me.  And I trust them and believe them and make a few visits to the councillor's office to get out of my 'funk'.  Why doesn't he trust me when I tell him??  Why does he think I am just being critical or over reacting?  How do I get though to him? Help him to understand that he needs a little help.  That he could feel better than he does... We all need a little help every now and then.  A boost.  A step up.  A shoulder to lean on.  I would be that shoulder...

Anyway.  I decided not to blog so personally any more as the address for this blog is everywhere - on my business cards, Facebook and my labels but here I am airing my dirty laundry!   Who knows, maybe someone will have some advice on how to help a depressed person recognize it and accept help for it. Oh well.  Maybe the next post will be more crafty and less crazy.  ;p

Enjoy your last days of summer. xxo

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Inequality of Man

While we were on our summer vacation this year, we spent some time in the beautiful city of Vancouver. We go there are least once a year as it is the biggest city anywhere near the middle of nowhere BC - way bigger than Calgary or Kelowna - and I have a lot of family there.  Free accommodation and free love! When passing through down town, my sweet Penelope remarks on the homeless and hungry people, wondering what we can do to help.  We decided that the next day we would come back down, buy some cheese burgers from the golden arches and hand them out to the people who call the streets their home.

It was touching to see Penelope give the cheese burgers to the hungry people.  She was so filled with joy. She was feeling so good about doing something good.  To her it was more than the little band aide it was - it was putting a smile on the face of someone who really needed it.  I was so proud of her.

In a city where people have millions.  Where the average home price $601,900 - well more than twice than in the area I live in the same province, the same country.  Why is there even one person who does not have a bed??

                                                                                               When we got home, I was running an errand for my real job and I saw this.  I had to take a picture as it goes against ever fibre of my being.  It literally made me cry.  That someone, anyone, would spend this amount of money on a vehicle makes my heart sick.  Take your bad of money and go to the Goodwill.  Buy yourself a Honda Civic.

Just a hair under $76 THOUSAND  and this truck is all yours. :(
And now, I will climb off of my soap box and go and do what I do best. Sew.

xxo Tina

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I'm Back!! :D

I just read my last couple of posts to see where things were left.  Yikes!

Baby J is fine - she is still on the inside.  I am not going get into any details of what has gone on since because I know The Boss would not like me to talk about her, the baby or my feelings on being treated like a strange so I won't. From now on, nothing personal on this topic other than how much I love that little peanut.  October is coming fast!

Second, I am still married.  Still frustrated but neither of us is going anywhere.  Unless it is me, to the asylum when he finally leaves one to many globs of jam on the counter.

I have been crazy busy sewing and camping and going to markets and having a nice summer with CH and my shorties.  Went went to Vancouver and Victoria for two weeks, and on Tuesday we are heading out to go camping at Champion Lakes for a week.

When I get home I will be posting almost everyday - I already have some posts 'in the works'.  I am going to start my blogging rebirth with a Pinterest challenge, and maybe a nice sew along if i can find one.  I have SO many good ideas for tutorials in technique. I also have lots of finished items I need you to see.

Anyway, I'm going now but I won't wait two months to come back.  Promise!

xoo Tina