Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Time Blues

This summer went by so fast - way too fast.  I am sad that it is so close to being over but admittedly, I am looking forward to having a schedule again.  I work so much better when my kids are not bugging each other in the other room when I am trying to focus on writing something charming and witty. ;)

I had a busy day today.  Market in the morning with Nag and then to Nelson for my fourth drop off at the Craft Connection.  Pretty happy about that.  We had a really great talk about CH on the way home, didn't make me feel any better but it helped me to understand a bit better and perhaps, more easily work with him, rather than the current scenario of my imagining, on a fairly consistent basis, hitting him with a baseball bat to knock some sense into his brain.

The thing is, I am fine.  I do not suffer any metal health issues.  Not saying I am perfect - or even all that normal - I just don't struggle.  When I am acting like an asshole, I usually know it.  And I am sorry for it. When I am stuck, I usually know it. If I don't I know I have people who will tell me.  And I trust them and believe them and make a few visits to the councillor's office to get out of my 'funk'.  Why doesn't he trust me when I tell him??  Why does he think I am just being critical or over reacting?  How do I get though to him? Help him to understand that he needs a little help.  That he could feel better than he does... We all need a little help every now and then.  A boost.  A step up.  A shoulder to lean on.  I would be that shoulder...

Anyway.  I decided not to blog so personally any more as the address for this blog is everywhere - on my business cards, Facebook and my labels but here I am airing my dirty laundry!   Who knows, maybe someone will have some advice on how to help a depressed person recognize it and accept help for it. Oh well.  Maybe the next post will be more crafty and less crazy.  ;p

Enjoy your last days of summer. xxo


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