Monday, August 19, 2013

The Inequality of Man

While we were on our summer vacation this year, we spent some time in the beautiful city of Vancouver. We go there are least once a year as it is the biggest city anywhere near the middle of nowhere BC - way bigger than Calgary or Kelowna - and I have a lot of family there.  Free accommodation and free love! When passing through down town, my sweet Penelope remarks on the homeless and hungry people, wondering what we can do to help.  We decided that the next day we would come back down, buy some cheese burgers from the golden arches and hand them out to the people who call the streets their home.

It was touching to see Penelope give the cheese burgers to the hungry people.  She was so filled with joy. She was feeling so good about doing something good.  To her it was more than the little band aide it was - it was putting a smile on the face of someone who really needed it.  I was so proud of her.

In a city where people have millions.  Where the average home price $601,900 - well more than twice than in the area I live in the same province, the same country.  Why is there even one person who does not have a bed??

                                                                                               When we got home, I was running an errand for my real job and I saw this.  I had to take a picture as it goes against ever fibre of my being.  It literally made me cry.  That someone, anyone, would spend this amount of money on a vehicle makes my heart sick.  Take your bad of money and go to the Goodwill.  Buy yourself a Honda Civic.

Just a hair under $76 THOUSAND  and this truck is all yours. :(
And now, I will climb off of my soap box and go and do what I do best. Sew.

xxo Tina


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