Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sigh... Do Not Read This Post Unless You Don't Mind Self Pitty and Negative Ranting

Sometimes I cannot hold it in any longer.  I thing I am a tolerant person. It takes me a lot to get mad.  I don't get my back against the wall very easily.  I don't wig out or act all spazzy.  I can take a lot of crap before I burst and when I do burst I try really hard to keep it together and be calm and rational and talk in a calm and rational way.

I am a girl (notice I said a girl and not woman - women are old ladies and I will never be) who has a husband who has pain issues. It is so hard.  Everyday there is something.  The things is, I feel like I do almost everything on my own.  We parent together.  I pay the bills (albeit with his disability cheque which is a measly $1800 a month - not enough for a family of four to have extras but just enough to pay the bills). I do all the cooking. The vast majority of the cleaning - all the laundry, bed making, clothes organizing, holiday decorating, carpet vacuuming - he sometimes cleans the bathroom and vacuums the hard floors.  Right now he is in charge of dishes because I am on strike.  We have (read he has) been renovating our kitchen since June, the sink came out the third week in July and has still not been put back in and I am done with doing the dishes in the bathroom.  He can do it.

On top of being the one who does most of the inside chores, he cannot physically do the outside ones so that too is up to me.  As a result our yard is a jungle, our fence is falling down and the grass in about 8" long.  I am seriously considering getting a goat for next summer.  I have to check the city by-laws.

To add to that, before he was diagnosed with his disability I opened a quilt shop.  I wish I didn't.  Don't get me wrong, I love a lot about it but there are also a lot of things about it that make my life more difficult than it would be if I just had a regular job working for the man. Time and money mostly.  It is always a struggle - we need the money from the shop to help support our household but the shop needs that money to pay its bills as well - so I sacrifice the shop.  The result is not great.  I am at an impass with it all really. I get so tired and worn out from the stress of it that after I give everything I can to my kids and the shop there is so little left for me - or for CH.

Okay, I have gotten off topic.  I am just having a crap day.  Back to the topic - CH.  In February 2007 his Mom was diagnosed with terminal lung and bone cancer.  We had been planning to get married so sped up our plan and got married in June so that she could be there and enjoy it.  In October 2007 he was on his way for his nightly visit to his parents (he was a saint, he would go every night and take care of his Mom for a couple of hours to spend time with her and to give his Dad a break) and was t-boned at an intersection.  He was taken to hospital with soft tissue neck injuries.  Shortly after than, he was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease. That accounts for the headaches.

Being forced into a diagnosis with his neck - which had hurt for years - opened the door for him to inquire about a problem he had been experiencing with his elbows.  He had pain that felt as if he whacked his funny bone, the vast majority of the time. This led to a diagnosis of nerve damage in his elbows brought on by his having over stressed them working too hard over time.  In November 2008 he went on disability.

In October 2009 after a year of waiting for something to be done, he had surgery on his right elbow.  It left him screaming and crying afterward and to this day in worse pain than prior to the procedure.  He has been to a nerve specialist and they did not indicate that there was really anything that could be done.  We are now just waiting.  CH is good at waiting - I want to stalk the medical professionals.

I understand that he can't do things like everyone else.  I just don't always remember. He looks fine.  He acts fine (sort of).  He seems fine in every way other but he has not been able to pick Penelope up since she was about three and he has migraines that last days and days and he sleeps a lot and the combination of the medication and the pain makes him miserable (which gets directed at me and the Little Man).  Nobody seems to understand and everyone is always giving me useless advice meant to help when really what I need is actual help.  If you want to help, don't tell me a story about someone you know who, or make suggestions about a job he could do - go up to my house and mow my out of control lawn, or wash my floors, or put away my laundry, or get dinner ready so I don't have to do it when I get home from being at work all day (six days a week).  That is help.  I know these people do not understand - hell, I don't even understand. I am so tired.  My hair falls out in clumps... I just want some peace, a day without so much worry.  Some easy life for both of us would be such a treat.  I find myself wondering all the time - what did I do in my past life to deserve the stress I have in this one??? Is it just a series of bad choices?

I have to add one more thing before I go.  CH is man who I admire greatly and love immeasurably.  Kind and giving, her would never let you down.  Once he loves you, you are stamped for life.  I wish I could learn to go more easily on him. My heart breaks for his pain.  Okay, two things.  I love my life.  So so much.  I am PMSing and having a bit of day, that is all.

I am sorry for the rant - thank you for listening.  I appreciate it.  Today sucks, but I know tomorrow will be better, it always is!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 People That I am Thankful For

CH.  :o)  Hahahaha
#1. Steve - known locally as CH. Although he is so often a thorn in my side he is also my rock. There is absolutely nothing I could not talk to him about and nothing he would not do for me. He is king. My yes man. My go to guy. The person I chose to commit to, whole heartedly.

#2. Dominic - known locally as the Little Man. Becoming a mother changed me in immeasurably. My little 29 week preemie changed me. He helped me to decide to be me. Kind and strong willed he will take on any challenge - in fact, the challenge makes him fight harder. He is handsome and cautious and sweet and caring. He is the person in the family most likely to notice if something is bothering me. He is a complex little person which beautiful green eyes. He turned the light on and with the help of Victoria has kept it burning brightly.

29 Weeks, 3 lbs 7 oz. - 9 years 7 months, 4' 8", 90 lbs! (and all As!)
#3. Victoria - known locally as Penelope. The comedian and entertainer of our family. She sings, she dances, she puts on puppet shows and puts chocolate pudding out for the audience. She is brave and friendly and loving and kind - and hysterically funny. She is becoming everything I always hoped to be. I love my shorties more than I anything, they are the air that I breath.

Look at how little my gremlins were.  I cannot believe they are 9 and 6 already.
Serious, where does the time go??
#4. My parents. Although I often feel judged by them. I know beyond any shadow of a double that they are coming from a place of love. They love my brother and me - and our children - completely unconditionally. They would do anything for any of us - although it may be spiced up with a little guilt. I appreciate all they do and all they have done and cannot imagine my life without them in it.

#5. Brandi - known locally as PITA (Pain In The Ass), often referred to as Cactus. She has a stinger on one side of the wall and a giant marshmallow on the other - if you can find a way past the stinger. I love my little ticking time bomb and could not live without her amazing ability to vent and to take venting with no advice given, no opinions offered. Always there when I need her. She is awesome and, not only is she my niece (her Dad is CH's brother) but she is one of my very best friends. (And in 3 weeks and 3 days will be providing me with a fresh new baby!!)

CH, Jack (PITA's Dad) and PITA.  Pretty stinkin' cute!
#6. Grandpa. I totally could not live without this man. He is the best advice giver, telephone chatter, and money lender that I have ever know. He never judges - about anything - and is always honest. He never says yes unless he means it, and rarely says no. He is my go to guy for life advice. When my mother-in-law was sick and dying from cancer he taught me, by example, what it meant to love.  I am so glad that I married his son or I would not have him. They say look to the mother to see what the daughter will become - I hope the same is true for sons. He is a person I truly admire.

Grandpa, and Harriett (CH's Mom).  The best man I know.  Handsome too.  :o)
#7. The Aunts. Seriously strong and amazing women. I cannot even begin to describe to you the influence these woman have had on my life and the choices that I make in my life on a daily basis. Courageous, beautiful, caring - amazing.

The Aunts (and my Mum)
#8. The Wilters. I am not sure if they know this or not but the wilters are my often my salvation. With problems worse than my own, and solutions that I had not thought of, I would miss these ladies so very very much if I did not sew with them every other Friday.

#9. My lunch buddies. Krista and Andrea are not friends with each other but are both friends with me. We laugh. We talk. We laugh. We talk. You get the idea. Krista is my creative super hero. She amazes me with her constant inspiration. Andrea is the devil to my angel (we actually talked about starting a blog about that) - where I want to forgive and find a reason for people's bad behavior she wants to offer them a Mushroom Print! We often spend our lunch break debating or teasing PITA and laughing hysterically.

#10. The only person on the list who has gone. My Granty. My Gran.  My Mum's Mum. The Aunt's Mum. The grandmother of 17 grandchildren. The great-grandmother of 25 children. A family who has stuck together through the good and the bad.  This is a woman who was unwilling to show her emotions in an organized fashion with some people and showered others with love (me). She was a huge force in my life and I admired her "chin up" attitude. When she was forced to retire but was not ready to do so she fought and protested.

She had 11 babies - six survived their first year (and are all alive today thank Goodness) and never really wanted to to have any. She was the light of my Grandad's eye - he understood her in way that no one else could. I miss her everyday.

My Gran and Grandad when there were younger than I am now.
That's my list.  I could add a few others.  Surely, maybe.  Some of my cousins for sure.  But these are all people that are here now (except for #10).  The people who influence my life on a daily basis.

:o) Tina

Monday, September 26, 2011


I just accidentally deleted a comment from Big D and Me.  It was really nice too - she said she like the picture of me and my kids and that it was her favorite one and that she would love one like it.  Bummer.  Stupid fat fingers on tiny iPhone!!

Sorry for the unintentional deletion and thank you for the lovely comment!

:o)  Tina

Photos of Somewhere I Have Been

When I was 24 (way back in 1997) I went to Italy for 27 days.  I actually got married while I was there but that is a story for a Saturday, not today.  It was amazing (Italy, not the marriage) and since the day I got home I have dreamt about going back.  It is beautiful and amazing, the people are friendly, the weather is nice, and there are so, so many things to see and do.  I felt like I was home when I was there.  If I were a person who could move away from her family I would have never come home.

The Colosseum in Rome. Love, love, love Rome.

The Leaning Tower. Famous and beautiful.

I do not know where this is exactly, but the thing is, I saw "streets" like this in Rome, Florence, and Venice. Amazingly beautiful.

An aerial view of Lucca and its amazing wall.  We rode bikes on the wall, it is like a giant boulevard with a sidewalk and trees and lawn and in one spot a restaurant where I ordered fruit salad and got a whole pear, grapes,  and a whole apple on a fancy plate.

Outside the wall(s) of Lucca.  That inspired my trip to Italy.  The city my great-grandparents came from. It was beautiful and amazing - I wish Surely had been there to share it with me.  <3

Well that post sucked.  Made me miss Surely and Italy.

:o)  Tina

PS  Surely is my high school/20's best friend who ran off to Europe a year to the day plus one, before the Little Man was born.  She met her prince charming and never came home.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Habit I Wish I Did Not Have

I chew - I mean really go to town - on the inside of my cheeks when I am worried or thinking hard about something.  I wish I did not for several reasons:

#1 WRINKLES on my upper lip. Sadly I will not be able to avoid this anyway - genetics - but this nasty little habit is not going to make it any better.

#2 Everyone close to me knows when something is bothering me and I do not like to talk about things that are bothering me.  I like to work it out on my own and then discuss my solution.  The harder I chew, the bigger the stress, and the more obvious the stress... if I did not do it they would not ask.

#3 Sometimes it really hurts.  They get all raw and uncomfortable.  Not very nice.  Stupid habit!

:o)  Tina

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mother Bear or Just a Loser?

We went to a Smokies game tonight and I made a big old ass of myself and possibly of the Little Man.

The Little Man and his best friend had a bit of a difference of opinion and I stepped in.  Even though he asked me not to.  I am such an over protective freak.  I had trauma in elementary school that scared me for life - for real.  I am 38 years old and when I see the people who made my life uncomfortable when I was 8 (that's right 30 years ago - 30!) I still want to spit on the ground at their feet.  So I guess I am projecting my own junk onto his situation.

Ironically, the Little Man keeps telling me to get over it.  He means this evening because I am obsessing.  What I really need to get over is elementary school! (I so badly want to name names and provide Facebook links the people who scared me for life, but, although scared, I am too nice and way too non-confrontational for that).

Thanks for listening.

:o)  Tina

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Ah, Friday.  This week I was expecting you!

the little things we do
1. The best thing I did all week was reconnect the phone at the shop. Although I have enjoyed the peace and quiet (and the lack of a bill!) it is nice to be able to just call out without my cell phone.

2. Family weekends make me super happy. Last weekend was a perfect example of this.  Friday was Quilt til You Wilt; Victoria and I attended an induction ceremony to a memorial in our city for her dance teacher and then Saturday night we all went to a Trail Smoke Eaters hockey game that was a fundraiser for local girl who has been in the hospital for several months - they raised $11000 just on Saturday night!  Sunday Victoria had dance (which I always enjoy - love being a dance Mum!) and then Dominic went to his best friend's birthday party and played shinny with the Smokies.  I have been so happy lately and all of these things just added to it.  I can remember wondering what people did if there were not "out on the town" on weekends - now I know, and it might not be as exciting but it feels so good.

3. Pets are an essential part of a family home! I cannot imagine living without their love. We have two dogs, four cats, and a variable number of fish... and we are going to get the Little Man a hamster for Christmas. Ssshhh, don't tell.

4. My husband, my kids, and my friends are the (by far) best thing about my life.

5. With the cooler weather I am looking forward to PITA's baby! Everything other than that seems insignificant, but there are other things like, the holidays (Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas), quilt shows, the leaves changing colour, fall and winter cooking, hockey season (local and NHL), the cozy feeling of being inside when it is cold outside - I love the snow.  There is a lot too look forward to this season but I am already looking forward to going to the beach next summer!

Source: via Tina on Pinterest

This is my neighborhood from the other side of the river.  Isn't it beautiful?

6. Something that's on my "wish list" right now is  - the ONLY things on my wish list! -  is my kitchen to be back together!  I am so frustrated, I am about one day away from writing to Disaster DIY on HGTV and begging for help.

The counters are partly done but the cupboards are still empty.  The counters need about a week solid more work and the cupboards need to be painted again and the sink replaced and then the floor needs to be done.  I took everything out of the cupboards on the last weekend before school ended - in JUNE! :o(

7. This weekend I am going to work. :o(. My Saturday girl is moving so I must go to work. I am bummed. I really like having Saturdays with the shorties and today is a ProD Day so it is going to feel like I am working two Saturdays in a row. I sure hope she does not make a habit of this cause it does not make me happy.

Have a fabulous Friday!

:o)  Tina

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Be Yourself

On my walk to work this morning I was thinking about the meaning of these two simple words. To be your authentic self brings happiness, contentment, and success. I think back to the me I was 10 years ago, hiding behind the me I thought I should be - the me I thought everyone wanted and would love.

The real me is loved and respected and confident (well...confident-ish). Is this the wisdom that comes with age?  The pay off for weight gain, wrinkles, and graying hair?

This is the Little Man with me in this picture, from September 2002.  So I am about 29 1/2 here... I look so good.  I need to go back on Weight Watchers and kick my Slurpee habit.  Even then could I ever look this young again???  Doubt it.

Look how unimpressed he looks with the tea cozy on his head!  Hahaha

:o)  Tina

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Name Game

I often get asked why the shop is called Sugar Shack Quilting, and I tell people the story but I am not so sure it satisfies them...

When my first marriage ended I was so sad (duh) and I assumed that, that was it for me.  I thought I would live my life by myself, just me and the Little Man.  Eventually just me.  After some convincing, my Mum talked me into moving back to Trail to be closer to her and my Dad.  I will never forget how defeated I felt on my way back here - the place I ran from so many times.  It was awful.  No more awful than staying in Christina Lake was right then.

So, my Mum and I found a nice little house for me and my Little Man and we moved in.  Next door to CH. Yep, that is a Saturday Story for sure! CH and I started off relatively slowly compared so most of my other relationships and after about three months of being neighborly, he went away to work for what was supposed to be a few weeks and ended up being several months.  During that time I decided to buy a house.  When he came back from working away we moved into it together and it became - and still is - our home.  Our little love shack - our sugar (as in give me some) shack.

I am happy to say that it is still a happy home though our family has changed in so many ways over the last 8 years we started with a good strong foundation and stress seems to bring us closer together rather than further apart. (Thank Goodness for that!)  I have a wonderful life and I am so very grateful for all that I have been blessed with.

SO, the blog name is a much simpler answer. PITA came up with it to compliment the shop name - Sugar Shack Quilting - as the original plan was for the blog to be an ongoing ad for the shop - the things we do, new stuff, etc. (not the ad for me that it has become).  I loved it and went with it - well, I actually stole it directly from her when blogging turned out not to be her thing.

So there it is.  Any questions?

:o) Tina

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Poor Neglected Blog Needs a New Post

I have not been writing very much lately. I have been feeling very reflective and tend to bottle.  I have been spending time with my kids and trying to decide what I am going to do with my life. I have been thinking long and hard about keeping the shop. Do I or don't I? I really and truly do not know. I love the good parts but I am so tired of the bad and I would really love to spend more time with the shorties.  It would be different if it was more good than bad but with the economy the way it is... well, you know.

SO, I will keep on keeping on and see what happens. The things is, the bottom line is; I love working for myself but I am at a point in my life were I need and want a steady income that comes without a struggle.  I am a sucker for free advice so if you have any you want to give, lay it on me!

Shortie #1 when he was still short!  The Little Man was a 29 preemie but took no time to "catch up", this is at about 5 months. I could not love him more than I do today - oh wait, yes I could cause I will love him even more tomorrow. 

:o) Tina

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Stories #4

If you are reading this and you know me personally, please know that it is not my intention to hurt, harm, or disrespect anyone.  These are events the way that I remember them, the way I lived them, how I felt about them. This is only about me.  Nobody else. This is my story.

I think I can.  I know I can.  I will.

Read Part 1 here.

She’s a Little Runaway Part 2

That night was the beginning. The beginning of hell for my poor parents and a different life for me.  Am I sorry?  No.  I am sorry that I hurt my parents.  I am sorry that my actions following that night caused my parents relationships to change - with my Aunt, my Grandma, with me and my brother; with each other.  Am I sorry for how things turned out for me?  No.  Even though it got so hard I thought I just wanted to run farther and faster.  I would not be me if where not for all of that past and despite my glaring flaws, I like me.

So that night, I slept at my Grandma's.  I do not remember much about the next day other than it was emotional.  My parents were beside themselves and I just wanted to go do what I wanted to do.  I left again in shorts and t-shirt with no shoes, hitching a ride into town and to a party. I came home from the party with Debbie and stayed with her at my Aunt's for the next week or so

I spent the rest of the summer I running away.

When we got back to Trail my Mum was not letting me out of her sight.  I had other ideas and took myself to the arcade across town.  Sitting there feeling sorry for myself, thinking that I would never see the Pebble Tosser (we will call him PT for short)  and suddenly out of the blue, in walks his brother.  I was more than a little excited.  I ran up to him and and gave him the biggest hug I could muster.  They were never far apart - after hugging Tim I ran outside to look for PT.  He was there.  In his big black menacing looking car. (Aside: I have to tell you that now, as the mother of a daughter, I would be terrified of this guy.  Long hair, heavy metal t shirt, big black car (with a big back seat!), looking older than his 17 years...)

We made plans for them to pick me up about a block from my parents'.  I waited until everyone was settled down for the night, locked my bedroom door and went out my window.  That night was crazy.  We started the night at friends where PT pressured me into having sex with him, we got evicted from there and spent the rest of the night sleeping in a culvert under the highway near an old run down cemetery.  Cold, scary, and and maybe a little bit thrilling (again I SO DO NOT WANT my daughter doing anything even close to this). In the morning we made our way to PT's house and he the took me to my Aunt's.  I stay there for a few days and then my Uncle brought me home.

When I arrived there, I think my Dad was at work because my Mum was alone, very emotional, and left to deal with me.  I walked in the door with my half a dozen duffle bags containing my clothes and other precious items, and she said "If you are going to go, just go now."  I took her seriously and walked out the door. Perhaps not my greatest moment. I was left to trudge through the neighborhood loaded down with too many bags in the heat of August.  About half way through the neighborhood, I spotted the police - my instinct was that they were looking for me.  I dumped all of my stuff in a friend's yard and tried to look casual.  It did not work.  They picked me up and took me to the station.  I am not sure what happened after that other than from my perspective which was that the cop was a total jerk and the bed in the jail cell they put me in was really uncomfortable.

In the wee hours of the morning I was brought to a foster home.  In hind sight, I think the decision was made that night but they wanted me to sweat it out a little.  The foster home was interesting, a story for another day.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

I feel like every week I talk about how I cannot believe it is already Friday. This week it seems even more true. I thought it was Wednesday all day yesterday until like 7 at night. The shop was closed on Monday so I guess I lost a day. With school back in you would think that would help but my kids are so often out playing or at friend's houses playing that I guess my internal calculator just went with it. The end of summer is so hard.

So I hope you all enjoyed your week and stayed on top of things better than I have! Happy Friday!

fill in the blank friday
the little things we do

1. You should always take time to make sure the people in your life know that you care about them and to practice the art of forgiveness. You only live once - do it right.

2. Family make(s) the world a happier place to be. Anyone who reads my blog knows that my family is the most important thing in my life.

3. I can hardly wait for October 21st! PITA's baby's birthday. I can't wait for the fresh baby smell and the little fingers and toes and ears. Sigh. A new family member is so exciting - especially one that will not be waking me up in the night!

4. Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

5. Something totally dumb and ridiculous that I love is ... okay so I asked PITA because I don't think anything I like is dumb or ridiculous - or I wouldn't like it.  Right?  Her answer was that I like the smell of breast milk.  I don't that is dumb or ridiculous either - it is however a little weird.

6. If I could, I would have a full time cleaning lady/yard person. It is not that I do not like doing those things but I always seem to run out of time and the time I do have is better spent with the shorties while they are still short. Living with so many pets and two very messy people and working full time - it is hard to keep up with the mess!

7. I rather like peanut butter sandwiches on fresh white bread. Bad for me, but so yummy.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday One Day Late Due to Big Road Trip!

What a weekend.  We made it.  CH changed the thermostat in the car at the side of the road between Salmo and Fruitvale and, voila, all good from there on out.  We made it to Wasa Lake safe and sound... and two and half hours late!  Oh yah, did I mention that I forgot about the 1 hour time difference?

Anyway, all is well that ends well.  CH and I had a great time, sold lots, got kissed by Alpacas (see the slide show for more!) and had a night away from the kids.  I took lots of photos and have added a slide show of the quilts and other fabulous people and things (see the side bar on the right), here are the highlights (I even took a few snaps of the food - by far the best ever at a quilt show! Thanks ladies!).

I really enjoyed this show as it had a lot of variety.  Hand quilting to professional long arm quilting; hand applique to machine applique.

There are only 16 or so members of this guild, which makes the variety - and the quantity and quality of the work - even more impressive.

Thank you all so much for a nice weekend, I will look forward to your next show!  Perhaps I will see you in Golden in April.

So here is are the blanks we missed on Friday...

fill in the blank Friday

1. Somewhere someone is  being born. And pretty soon that someone will be a member of this clan! October 21st!! Woot! Woot! (Thank you PITA! xxoo)

2. My children are my muse. They inspire me is ways I would never have thought to be inspired before I was blessed with them in my life.

3. It would suck if Etsy was no more because, it is such a great source for all things handmade - and crafty inspiration!

4. The warm Autumn sunshine is my favorite thing about today.

5. Life is kind of like a ride at the carnival. Some people ride the roller coaster and some people just sit on the bench and watch.

6. If I could have anything I wanted I would want independently wealthy so that I could be home with my kids all the time and still be able to help and inspire others. I would like to be Oprah, only less famous and slightly less busy and with a husband and children.

7. A funny thing happened the other day... well, everyday, I have smallish kids.  One of which is extremely funny and the other very serious - which makes things funny all the time.

Happy Saturday!

:o) Tina

Friday, September 9, 2011


Well, first, PITA bailed. Although she said she wanted to come, I really don't believe it. She spent the whole week telling me she did not know if she would be able to come or not and then finally last night it was clear she would not be. So CH and I made arrangements for the short people to be taken care of and we are off.

The problem with that is, we only have our car available to us at the moment and it is having some problems with overheating. So here we are, loaded up and ready to drive up a great big hill. Will we make it???

Personally, I love an adventure - especially with mobile blogging!

:o) Tina

Thursday, September 8, 2011

One Down... Crap, It Isn't Even on the List!

I am almost finished with #10, my first ever sampler quilt.  I have about two hours worth of binding to sew down and still am waiting on the thread that I ordered for the last of the hand quilting.  How do you sew your binding down?  I always do it by hand, I have tried by machine but I never get it to look as nice as if I have done it that way and I am pretty fussy.

I am going to a quilt show this weekend, maybe I will get some thread while I am there and then I can finish the hand quilting.  I guess we will see.  I will make sure I take some pictures (of the quilt show and of UFO #10) and have figured out an easy way to post them!

Last night, I finished a cushion for our bed.  I am currently sitting on it to flatten the the actual cushion out a little as it is just a smidge too big and so it is pulling a little.  Looks really pretty though, all whites and creams with some antique mother of pearl buttons.  I will take a picture when I have a minute to set it up so you cannot see the giant pile of clean laundry that permanently resides near where the beautiful pillow will live.  I will aim for Monday as it is my day off and the kids will be in school all day and I should use the time to clean.  Pfft.

I might not get to fill in the blanks tomorrow, but will catch up with you on Saturday night when I get back from Wasa, for sure.  Have a nice weekend!

:o)  Tina

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Last Night's Dinner and This Morning's Surprise

Last night I made potato wedges for dinner and they were so yummy.  I am a really great cook but, as with everything else, I can sometimes be a little slow out of the gate.  I am trepidatious about trying new things...  but they were so good - and so easy!

potato wedges
From Pinterest! (Yeah, Pinterest)
All I did was peel russet potatoes and quarter them, length wise.  Coat them in oil, salt, pepper, and seasoning salt.  Cooked them for about half an hour at 450, rotating them after about 15 minutes.

Easy peasy and everyone but Penelope loved them.  (She loves Honey Nut Cheerios, honey ham, chicken nuggets  McDonald's cheeseburgers, and just about every fruit or veg you can dream up.  However, potato wedges are not on her personal menu!)

I am feeling very Susie-Homemaker lately so expect more recipes.  I always get cooky in the Autumn. 

As I have little else to do, when I am cooking dinner I am usually doing thinking (yikes!) and last night I suddenly thought - Oh!  Post a need for Pinterest and maybe, you will get an invite.  This morning, there it was.  Thank you so much Karen - if I could I would totally buy you a Starbucks!  You made my day!

So... that means, I have invites to pass on, let me know if you need one (if you only want one you have clearly not been to see Pinterest) and I will happily pay it forward.

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stupid Pinterest

Someone.  Anyone.  I need a Pinterest invite.   I have requested one several times - and got nothing.  No response. No see you later, we saw your blog and you suck.  Nothing.  Not a word.

So (after the 326th time) I Google it to see if I am the only one or what.  It turns out you need someone who has a membership to this exclusive club to invite you.  (Part of me wants to boycott, I am not going to lie. I loath snobbery.  Seriously. One of the few things that makes me really angry - the others are all some how related to the men in my house.)  I do not personally know anyone who could invite me.

stupin pinterestSo here is where you, my dear sweet readers come into play.

PLEASE HELP. I promise I will pay it forward. PLEASE

(Yes this is me begging.)

:o)  Tina

Monday, September 5, 2011

The UFOs Are Multiplying. I May Need Reinforcements!

I found more.  The good news is I finished one of them before I was forced to put it on the list AND I made significant progress on the oldest member of this list.  That's right the first ever quilt got its binding machine stitched on last night - just some hand stitching to get it done and a little more quilting in the borders and it will be done (16 years later).

The additions to the list:


55. Kitchen curtains
56. The Little Man's curtains
57. Penelope's curtains.
58. Misc clothing project cut out before the Little Man was born. (5) gave them to my Mum to do with what she chooses. (Yes I know that is cheating!)
59. Cat needlepoint pillow
60. Floral Wreath needlepoint pillow
61. Village Green quilt (BOM from The Cloth Shop in 199?)
62. Take a Stand (four months).
63. Let it Bee cross stitch for PITA
64. Iris cross stitch

Still not myself,  :/ Tina 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stumbled Upon #4

Apparently I am not the only one who has come across this and loved it.  It had 62,923 views, 4473 admirers and was on 385 treasury lists.  If only I could get a PINTREST account, I would SO pin this.

knitted chair slip cover

See it on Etsy!

I am currently obsessed with trying to find a way to make a little extra money online.  I have been thinking about doing some Virtual Assistant type work.  I was an Office Administrator in my past life.  Do any of you have any ideas or experience with this?

crafts with crayons

I am going to do this with Penelope.  She however, wants to stick to one colour and was confused as to why anyone would do it any other way.  I love her.

I originally saw this on Pinterest but could not find the source.  The image is from flickr but even that is from somewhere else... if you know where please let me know and I will give credit.

There are so many great quotes in this blog post, I could not pick one so here is the link.  You have to go read them - super fabulous! This is the one that lead me there, someone had it posted on Pintrest.

quotes about failure

Another great spot to read an assortment of fabulous quotes is here

I wish I thought of this.  Pedicure toe-separator things used for bobbins!  SO simple.  I will be heading to the dollar store tomorrow to get a couple for my bobbin over flow. I don't mind the bobbins themselves being around, it is the thread that drives me nuts!

As seen at

I thought this was worth a chuckle.  I often seem a little behind the times so maybe you have seen it somewhere before.  I thought it was funny and worth sharing. I suppose it shows my age a little bit.

lionel ritchie
Small Shop Studio

This little sign is perfect for my house. I might even buy one at Catching Fireflies.

Enjoy your the rest of the weekend. Happy September!

:o\ Tina

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

I apologize in advance if this post is a little bleak.  I am feeling sad over the loss of my cousin and it seems to pop up as I write.

fill in the blank Friday

1. One thing that is completely superfluous, but that I could never give up is Tetley Tea and my sewing machine.  Yes, I know this is two things but I can't decided between the two which I need more or which is more superfluous.

2. Grief makes me feel awkward. My own or others, it does not matter.  I do not deal well with sadness. Probably nobody does. When my Grandma passed away, I told people who asked about her that she was doing fine rather than telling them the truth.  I did not want to face it - and I really did not want to talk about it.

3. I can't go the beach without a good book and at least 30 block - and of course the shorties who make the beach worth while.

4. Miss. Vicki's Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar potato chips are currently my favorite snack.

5. Lately I've been really sad and reflective.  The loss of my cousin has been hard on this family but also made us realize how short and precious life is - and how much we love each other.

6. If at first you don't succeed don't give up! Try again. I do not give up easily and do not recommend it to anyone. If you want something bad enough, isn't it worth the fight?

7. Fall is bittersweet. I love the crisp Autumn air, the golden leaves, the fact that Christmas is getting closer, Thanksgiving, and the beginning of hockey season (sigh, yes I said that) but I am sad to see the end of my days at the beach and the kids being around so much. Like anything - good with the not so good.

Have a happy and safe long weekend.

:o(  Tina

Thursday, September 1, 2011

UFOs Have Taken Over My House

Not real UFOs, silly.  UnFinished Objects.  I made a big scary list and have decided that I will blog it to make myself accountable to it.  There are 54 items on this list and I am sure I will start new projects before these projects are complete.  That is just the way it goes.

So maybe I will get lucky and remember to take a photo and I will have 54 blog posts with 54 things I made. The things is, it is not like I don`t get things done - have you seen my shop?

Here we go:

1.   Paper pieced Christmas tree
2.   Black floral wreath
3.   Orange blouse Gave this one to my Mum (head hangs in shame).
4.   Floral blouse The one too (head hangs lower in shame).
5.   Batik table runner
6.   2" Square quilt
7.   Grandmother's Flower Garden English paper pieced quilt (Update, September 2013:  I have actually been working onand making some progress with this one!)
8.   Rocky Mountain sampler quilt I recently donated this to a quilting gorup I sew with.  We are going to do it and donate it.
9.   Red black and yellow sampler quilt
10. My first ever sampler quilt.
11. Wallets Made one, used the rest of the fabric for other things.  WAY too time consuming a project to make and sell.
12. Victoria wall hanging (Ruth McDowell's way)
13. Christina Lake applique
14. Angel's Among Us quilt
15. Santa craft kit
16. Roses on point runner
17. Flower pin cushion
18. Chic Blooms jacket Gave the pattern away (to my Mum of course!) and am using the fabulous fabrics for something else. :)
19. Red, white and black cat pillow
20. Christmas soft book
21. Bunny pillow (or quilt)
22. Pig quilt
23. Dresses for Penelope (3?) Sadly she outgrew the pattern before i ever got around to this.  Gave the pattern to my Mum and adding the fabric and notions to my huge and wonderful stash! :)
24. Repair sleeping bag
25. Repair red dress
26. Repair blue dress
27. Cat head pin cushions
28. Animal print cat cushion
29. Christmas Glitter kit Selling this kit on Etsy!
30. Painting the Ornament kit Selling this kit on Etsy!
31. Superman
32. Folk art bird
33. Thangles quilt
34. Green pants hahahaha  Tossed them.  Even the fabric was not enough to continue with these ridiculous clown pants!
35. Thread catcher
36. Printed Christmas ornaments
37. Santa stocking
38. 30s sampler
39. Paper pieced magnets
40. Guild sampler
41. Family tree
42. Birds of Prey panels SOLD the panel on Etsy!
43. Pre-printed tea towels
44. The Little Man's pj pants Got my Mum on this one too.  Good thing she like sewing clothes because I DO NOT!
45. Advent pillow
46. Sparrow panel
47. Nancy Halvorsen stockings
48. Snowman felt craft kit
49. The Little Man's body pillow case
50. Penelope's body pillow case
51. Quilt Thimbleberries Greetings from Canada
52. Quilt Penelope's quilt
53. Quilt Penelope's Turning 20   December 30, 2012
54. Quilt our quilt

Still :o( Tina