Friday, September 23, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Ah, Friday.  This week I was expecting you!

the little things we do
1. The best thing I did all week was reconnect the phone at the shop. Although I have enjoyed the peace and quiet (and the lack of a bill!) it is nice to be able to just call out without my cell phone.

2. Family weekends make me super happy. Last weekend was a perfect example of this.  Friday was Quilt til You Wilt; Victoria and I attended an induction ceremony to a memorial in our city for her dance teacher and then Saturday night we all went to a Trail Smoke Eaters hockey game that was a fundraiser for local girl who has been in the hospital for several months - they raised $11000 just on Saturday night!  Sunday Victoria had dance (which I always enjoy - love being a dance Mum!) and then Dominic went to his best friend's birthday party and played shinny with the Smokies.  I have been so happy lately and all of these things just added to it.  I can remember wondering what people did if there were not "out on the town" on weekends - now I know, and it might not be as exciting but it feels so good.

3. Pets are an essential part of a family home! I cannot imagine living without their love. We have two dogs, four cats, and a variable number of fish... and we are going to get the Little Man a hamster for Christmas. Ssshhh, don't tell.

4. My husband, my kids, and my friends are the (by far) best thing about my life.

5. With the cooler weather I am looking forward to PITA's baby! Everything other than that seems insignificant, but there are other things like, the holidays (Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas), quilt shows, the leaves changing colour, fall and winter cooking, hockey season (local and NHL), the cozy feeling of being inside when it is cold outside - I love the snow.  There is a lot too look forward to this season but I am already looking forward to going to the beach next summer!

Source: via Tina on Pinterest

This is my neighborhood from the other side of the river.  Isn't it beautiful?

6. Something that's on my "wish list" right now is  - the ONLY things on my wish list! -  is my kitchen to be back together!  I am so frustrated, I am about one day away from writing to Disaster DIY on HGTV and begging for help.

The counters are partly done but the cupboards are still empty.  The counters need about a week solid more work and the cupboards need to be painted again and the sink replaced and then the floor needs to be done.  I took everything out of the cupboards on the last weekend before school ended - in JUNE! :o(

7. This weekend I am going to work. :o(. My Saturday girl is moving so I must go to work. I am bummed. I really like having Saturdays with the shorties and today is a ProD Day so it is going to feel like I am working two Saturdays in a row. I sure hope she does not make a habit of this cause it does not make me happy.

Have a fabulous Friday!

:o)  Tina


  1. ---So fun learning more about you! Your view of the river is unbelievable! WOW :)) great place to write....

  2. Joining you from lbs tea party. When you are done with your kitchen, can you come do mine? Lol, just kidding. Have a great weekend! Follow me at:

  3. love the answers! hope you had a great weekend :)

    {I'm having a Kate Spade giveaway right now & would love to see you there!}


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