Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 People That I am Thankful For

CH.  :o)  Hahahaha
#1. Steve - known locally as CH. Although he is so often a thorn in my side he is also my rock. There is absolutely nothing I could not talk to him about and nothing he would not do for me. He is king. My yes man. My go to guy. The person I chose to commit to, whole heartedly.

#2. Dominic - known locally as the Little Man. Becoming a mother changed me in immeasurably. My little 29 week preemie changed me. He helped me to decide to be me. Kind and strong willed he will take on any challenge - in fact, the challenge makes him fight harder. He is handsome and cautious and sweet and caring. He is the person in the family most likely to notice if something is bothering me. He is a complex little person which beautiful green eyes. He turned the light on and with the help of Victoria has kept it burning brightly.

29 Weeks, 3 lbs 7 oz. - 9 years 7 months, 4' 8", 90 lbs! (and all As!)
#3. Victoria - known locally as Penelope. The comedian and entertainer of our family. She sings, she dances, she puts on puppet shows and puts chocolate pudding out for the audience. She is brave and friendly and loving and kind - and hysterically funny. She is becoming everything I always hoped to be. I love my shorties more than I anything, they are the air that I breath.

Look at how little my gremlins were.  I cannot believe they are 9 and 6 already.
Serious, where does the time go??
#4. My parents. Although I often feel judged by them. I know beyond any shadow of a double that they are coming from a place of love. They love my brother and me - and our children - completely unconditionally. They would do anything for any of us - although it may be spiced up with a little guilt. I appreciate all they do and all they have done and cannot imagine my life without them in it.

#5. Brandi - known locally as PITA (Pain In The Ass), often referred to as Cactus. She has a stinger on one side of the wall and a giant marshmallow on the other - if you can find a way past the stinger. I love my little ticking time bomb and could not live without her amazing ability to vent and to take venting with no advice given, no opinions offered. Always there when I need her. She is awesome and, not only is she my niece (her Dad is CH's brother) but she is one of my very best friends. (And in 3 weeks and 3 days will be providing me with a fresh new baby!!)

CH, Jack (PITA's Dad) and PITA.  Pretty stinkin' cute!
#6. Grandpa. I totally could not live without this man. He is the best advice giver, telephone chatter, and money lender that I have ever know. He never judges - about anything - and is always honest. He never says yes unless he means it, and rarely says no. He is my go to guy for life advice. When my mother-in-law was sick and dying from cancer he taught me, by example, what it meant to love.  I am so glad that I married his son or I would not have him. They say look to the mother to see what the daughter will become - I hope the same is true for sons. He is a person I truly admire.

Grandpa, and Harriett (CH's Mom).  The best man I know.  Handsome too.  :o)
#7. The Aunts. Seriously strong and amazing women. I cannot even begin to describe to you the influence these woman have had on my life and the choices that I make in my life on a daily basis. Courageous, beautiful, caring - amazing.

The Aunts (and my Mum)
#8. The Wilters. I am not sure if they know this or not but the wilters are my often my salvation. With problems worse than my own, and solutions that I had not thought of, I would miss these ladies so very very much if I did not sew with them every other Friday.

#9. My lunch buddies. Krista and Andrea are not friends with each other but are both friends with me. We laugh. We talk. We laugh. We talk. You get the idea. Krista is my creative super hero. She amazes me with her constant inspiration. Andrea is the devil to my angel (we actually talked about starting a blog about that) - where I want to forgive and find a reason for people's bad behavior she wants to offer them a Mushroom Print! We often spend our lunch break debating or teasing PITA and laughing hysterically.

#10. The only person on the list who has gone. My Granty. My Gran.  My Mum's Mum. The Aunt's Mum. The grandmother of 17 grandchildren. The great-grandmother of 25 children. A family who has stuck together through the good and the bad.  This is a woman who was unwilling to show her emotions in an organized fashion with some people and showered others with love (me). She was a huge force in my life and I admired her "chin up" attitude. When she was forced to retire but was not ready to do so she fought and protested.

She had 11 babies - six survived their first year (and are all alive today thank Goodness) and never really wanted to to have any. She was the light of my Grandad's eye - he understood her in way that no one else could. I miss her everyday.

My Gran and Grandad when there were younger than I am now.
That's my list.  I could add a few others.  Surely, maybe.  Some of my cousins for sure.  But these are all people that are here now (except for #10).  The people who influence my life on a daily basis.

:o) Tina


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