Thursday, September 1, 2011

UFOs Have Taken Over My House

Not real UFOs, silly.  UnFinished Objects.  I made a big scary list and have decided that I will blog it to make myself accountable to it.  There are 54 items on this list and I am sure I will start new projects before these projects are complete.  That is just the way it goes.

So maybe I will get lucky and remember to take a photo and I will have 54 blog posts with 54 things I made. The things is, it is not like I don`t get things done - have you seen my shop?

Here we go:

1.   Paper pieced Christmas tree
2.   Black floral wreath
3.   Orange blouse Gave this one to my Mum (head hangs in shame).
4.   Floral blouse The one too (head hangs lower in shame).
5.   Batik table runner
6.   2" Square quilt
7.   Grandmother's Flower Garden English paper pieced quilt (Update, September 2013:  I have actually been working onand making some progress with this one!)
8.   Rocky Mountain sampler quilt I recently donated this to a quilting gorup I sew with.  We are going to do it and donate it.
9.   Red black and yellow sampler quilt
10. My first ever sampler quilt.
11. Wallets Made one, used the rest of the fabric for other things.  WAY too time consuming a project to make and sell.
12. Victoria wall hanging (Ruth McDowell's way)
13. Christina Lake applique
14. Angel's Among Us quilt
15. Santa craft kit
16. Roses on point runner
17. Flower pin cushion
18. Chic Blooms jacket Gave the pattern away (to my Mum of course!) and am using the fabulous fabrics for something else. :)
19. Red, white and black cat pillow
20. Christmas soft book
21. Bunny pillow (or quilt)
22. Pig quilt
23. Dresses for Penelope (3?) Sadly she outgrew the pattern before i ever got around to this.  Gave the pattern to my Mum and adding the fabric and notions to my huge and wonderful stash! :)
24. Repair sleeping bag
25. Repair red dress
26. Repair blue dress
27. Cat head pin cushions
28. Animal print cat cushion
29. Christmas Glitter kit Selling this kit on Etsy!
30. Painting the Ornament kit Selling this kit on Etsy!
31. Superman
32. Folk art bird
33. Thangles quilt
34. Green pants hahahaha  Tossed them.  Even the fabric was not enough to continue with these ridiculous clown pants!
35. Thread catcher
36. Printed Christmas ornaments
37. Santa stocking
38. 30s sampler
39. Paper pieced magnets
40. Guild sampler
41. Family tree
42. Birds of Prey panels SOLD the panel on Etsy!
43. Pre-printed tea towels
44. The Little Man's pj pants Got my Mum on this one too.  Good thing she like sewing clothes because I DO NOT!
45. Advent pillow
46. Sparrow panel
47. Nancy Halvorsen stockings
48. Snowman felt craft kit
49. The Little Man's body pillow case
50. Penelope's body pillow case
51. Quilt Thimbleberries Greetings from Canada
52. Quilt Penelope's quilt
53. Quilt Penelope's Turning 20   December 30, 2012
54. Quilt our quilt

Still :o( Tina


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