Monday, September 5, 2011

The UFOs Are Multiplying. I May Need Reinforcements!

I found more.  The good news is I finished one of them before I was forced to put it on the list AND I made significant progress on the oldest member of this list.  That's right the first ever quilt got its binding machine stitched on last night - just some hand stitching to get it done and a little more quilting in the borders and it will be done (16 years later).

The additions to the list:


55. Kitchen curtains
56. The Little Man's curtains
57. Penelope's curtains.
58. Misc clothing project cut out before the Little Man was born. (5) gave them to my Mum to do with what she chooses. (Yes I know that is cheating!)
59. Cat needlepoint pillow
60. Floral Wreath needlepoint pillow
61. Village Green quilt (BOM from The Cloth Shop in 199?)
62. Take a Stand (four months).
63. Let it Bee cross stitch for PITA
64. Iris cross stitch

Still not myself,  :/ Tina 

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  1. Oh my. I just reviewed this list and I haven't completed anything on it. Not one thing!! I sew almost every single day, what the heck!!


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