Sunday, August 18, 2013

I'm Back!! :D

I just read my last couple of posts to see where things were left.  Yikes!

Baby J is fine - she is still on the inside.  I am not going get into any details of what has gone on since because I know The Boss would not like me to talk about her, the baby or my feelings on being treated like a strange so I won't. From now on, nothing personal on this topic other than how much I love that little peanut.  October is coming fast!

Second, I am still married.  Still frustrated but neither of us is going anywhere.  Unless it is me, to the asylum when he finally leaves one to many globs of jam on the counter.

I have been crazy busy sewing and camping and going to markets and having a nice summer with CH and my shorties.  Went went to Vancouver and Victoria for two weeks, and on Tuesday we are heading out to go camping at Champion Lakes for a week.

When I get home I will be posting almost everyday - I already have some posts 'in the works'.  I am going to start my blogging rebirth with a Pinterest challenge, and maybe a nice sew along if i can find one.  I have SO many good ideas for tutorials in technique. I also have lots of finished items I need you to see.

Anyway, I'm going now but I won't wait two months to come back.  Promise!

xoo Tina


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