Friday, July 29, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Friday - again, already.  Really??  The days are dragging yet the weeks are flying by!  Go figure.

The kitchen is still kitchen counter and sink-less so we are going to have a picnic in the park for our dinner.  I have been looking forward to it since yesterday when the plan flickered into my brain...

1. My favorite color is any shade of pink - right now I like dark watermelon pink.  I also really really love orange, red, lime green, and chartreuse.

2. My travel destination of choice is Vancouver, BC to see all of the people and things I miss not living there.  It is my home away from home.

3. My favorite food is potatoe chips.  I wish it were something healthier but there is the ugly truth.  Right now it is Miss. Vickie's Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar.  Yummy.

4. My happy place is my home.  Especially right now when things seem so hard at the shop.  (This economy is the pits!! Grrr).

5. My favorite saying is "Time is a train. Makes the future the past. She's standing in the station her face pressed up against the glass." That is a line from Zoo Station by U2. I had a few years during my 20s when I gleeped onto this song, it was how I was feeling at the time.

6. My dirty little secret is ... I am so NOT filling in this blank!

7. Something friends might say about me is that I am honest. Reliable maybe? I like to think those things. Maybe that I have a good laugh.  I don't know...  I will have to take a poll.

This weekend I plan to relax and do nothing but read and sew.  I will keep you posted!

Have a great weekend!! 

:o)  Tina


  1. -----ooh, how fun getting to know you.
    thanks for popping by my blog.
    these Tea Parties are quite fun :)

  2. Hi! Found your blog through Lady Bloggers' Social Tea Party. Love your post. It informed me a lot about you the very first time I landed at your blog. I love pink too!

    I love your blog. It looks very 'cheerful'! :)

  3. Pink is such a girlie color, I like it. Potato chips are definitely one of my weaknesses. If I get a bag of doritos in front of me there's no stopping me, haha.

    Have a great weekend! Stopping by from Lauren's blog :)


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