Sunday, January 10, 2010

I love a good tear jerker...

Last night, I spent most of the evening trying to load Anchor Pearl Cotton onto my website which I would have finished if I did not get so consumed by the movie I was watching.

My husband found me a copy of The Time Traveller's Wife.  It was so so good that I did not even look away from the TV.  I have watched lots of good movies lately - Avatar, Inglorious Bastards, and now Time Traveller's Wife.  Tomorrow is the Season 4 Premier of BIG LOVE so I won't be getting anything done during that hour either....  this is making me sound lazy.
Anyway, I have been working on listing all of the Anchor threads now that the DMC is finally done.  Sugar Shack is going to be a thread mecca.  In addition to the DMC and Anchor we have Caron, Kriniek, Mettler, Guterman, Sulky, Wonderfil, and Aurifil!

Anyway back to the movie.  I do not want to ruin it for anyone so I will just say that although it did not get a lot of press and has no huge action or special effects it is really touching.  It is based on The Time Traveler's Wife" is based on the best-selling book by author Audrey Niffenegger and starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. I have now become a fan of Eric Bana - I always loved Rachel McAdams.  Anyway, such a good movie I have to read the book - it is always better!  I am so excited to read it.  The last book I read was a Mauve Binchy novel called Quentins, it was a good read - I like to use those kinds of light hearted books as filler between the intense historical fiction that is my passion.

I am all over the place with my post so before I fall into the danger of sounding like a lunatic, good by for now!


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