Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sugar Shack Quilting is Having A Sale!

I do not like sales.  Well of course I love to shop them but I do not like to have them in my shop.  I am a self proclaimed hypocrit and it seems maybe a bit of a snob!  It is not selling for less that bothers me, it is that I feel it cheapens my shop....  I do not remember any sales, ever, at The Cloth Shop (terrible website - but wonderufl shop where I learned to quilt!).  Well, that is Vancouver and this is little old Trail and sometimes our local shoppers need a little pick me up!  That and my staff talked me into it!

Hope to see some of you here in the next few weeks helping to clear out the old to make room for the new spring fabrics that will start arriving in February.

Oh, one more thing.  Can you please make sure you tell everyone you know about this sale, I want to warm up to the idea and a good sale will help!


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