Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Plan...

Okay, so for someone who owns a shop that is supposed to be about creativity, I have been anything but lately (unless blogging, keeping up with friends on Facebook, listing stuff on Etsy and website development are considered creative?).  All computer no sewing machine!  Yuck....  well not really, I love both.

So, anyway, Victoria has been asking me to bring my machine home from the shop so it is coming home with me tonight and I am going to spend this evening and most of tomorrow finishing up the creative or mundane projects that have been piling up and I promise to have at least one thing completed before the end of the day!  I also promise to try my best to take some cool photos of the works in progress, as the progress.

So, have a lovely weekend! If you get a minute, vote for my cousin Joseph's band, The Bank Dogs - they are very talented kids living my dream!


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