Saturday, March 6, 2010

I am sitting hear wishing I had something interesting to Blog about but sadly I have been spending all of my time cleaning up the shop for our upcoming birthday sale (the shop is two and I am 37 - guess what your discount is!), painting my daughter's room (okay this was my husband not me, I just visit him while he works).  Spring is in the air and it is wonderful.  I have been walking to work and enjoying every minute of it.  The birds chirping, the tulips poking through the dry looking earth. Funny that Canada is supposed to be the Great White North and it was 20 today and Pam Bono has 4 inches of snow in Georgia.  Global temperature shift?

I have been working on finishing up my current needlework project so that I can move onto my next one.  I am currently working on Miribilia's May's Emerald Fairy and when that is complete and all my little projects have been tidied up I am going to try my hand at a Heaven and Earth Design, I have purchased Sunrise and Sunset - I can't wait! (This image is of the Emerald Fairy <- and this is Sunrise ->.)  Although I have been a Miribilia / Lavender & Lace fan for a long time, the detail of the Heaven and Earth pattern is so much more - but that means so will the time it takes to get it done!

So back to Sugar Shack Quilting's Birthday sale.  37% off of everything in the shop and online with the exception of Kwik Sew patterns, sewing machines, and sewing machine parts and accessories.  Having said that - there will be some really great deals on sewing machines but you will have to come in to see Ralph.

The other Sugar Shack Quilting item worth mentioning is that our new class schedule will be out soon.  There are loads of "Mom" classes coming up.  We are trying to offer a little more for my generation as well as kids.  We have a lot of people asking about kids sewing classes so we have decided to get brave and do it!


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