Friday, March 1, 2013

On Vacation

Well, no, I wasn't really.

Not at all actually.

I have been busy with an assortment of things which I will tell you about in a minute.

More importantly though, all of my writing energy has been directed toward creating my portfolio to submit for consideration to shops that sell handmade.  If you know of any in BC (and I would consider Alberta), please share!

My amazingly talented friend Krista took some portfolio photos for me.  I am really excited about them - they are perfect!

I have been busy sewing (mostly), walking (a bit) and stressing over my boys and their girls.

Of course you already know about The Mouth and The Boss and.... What shall I call my grand baby? For now, lets refer to her (comes to mind first!?) as Bitty (as in Itty Bitty).

Well now The Little Man seems to be sprouting his own set of relationship wings.

Keeping in mind he turned 11 on February 1st.  It would seem his 10 year old girlfriend (now referred to as his x) showed him her little boobs.  I have been freaking out about it for days.

I have finally decided that tomorrow I will be making the call that we all hate making and hate getting even more - I am going to call her mother.

I am not looking forward to it but if the tables were turned, I would want to know.

You know.  So I could lock my sweet Penelope in the attic.

Where she will remain until age 30 - or maybe later. I guess we will see.

I have no doubt her father will agree, 100%.  She would already be up there if it were up to him.

She will not be showing her boobs at 10 and knocked up at 20 by a handsome yet foolish 19 year old who has never been employed. Not my daughter.


:/ Tina


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