Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Son is A Son

They say, a son is a son until he gets a wife and a daughter, a daughter for life (thank God and/or the Ancient Aleins for that).

But. What if he is not biologically your son? What if he is your step son and he already isn't as in love with you are with him and his 'wife' doesn't really love you all that much either?

Does that mean you don't count at all?  Feels like it to me...

In other news:

The Little Man is a bachelor once again.

I have a raging case of PMS and with that sore boobs, exhaustion, insatiable hunger, and the blues, and apparently I am pretty forgetful as I forgot to plug the crock pot in this morning so we had to have KD for dinner, which as I am PMSing was kind of soothing and nice.

I have 6 days left of being in my 30s and although I want to believe that I do not care, I might actually.  A little bit. Thank God we bought that car or I would really be feeling like a looser.

Ah, the joys of PMS.  Did I mention that I also like to feel sorry for myself a little bit? :p

Well, off to sew for the night.  Not that you have any reason to believe me as I never post any photos. I can't figure out an easy way to do it from my iPad and my laptop is all but retired. If you have a solution for me please provide it, even though I am not too sure it would help. ;)

Nighty night,
Tina oox


  1. Download the app blogsy on your ipad - it's easy to use and put pictures in your blog. Sorry you're feeling PMSssy. Feel better soon.

    1. I a feeling better to day - thank you. :) And thank you for the app tip!


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