Thursday, March 20, 2014

BIG Changes

The last few weeks have brought about some really fabulous things.

I started doing some bookkeeping from home.  Not the creative niche I love but it brings in some bucks!

Some friends of mine (please read that in Robert DeNiro's voice) and I have gotten together to start something great.  We will be teaching classes, putting together an amazing newsletter, blogging, hosting creative events, and a whole lotta of other great and wonderful things. Stay tuned for Creative West!  I will post the link for you when I have one.

I will be switching my Blog over to WordPress.  It's nothing personal Blogger, you were good to me.  I just need to spread my wings a little bit further... and besides that, my friend Krista at Everyday Miija is part of this amazing and talented group and is working on mastering WordPress skills so I get to be her Guinea Pig! I am very excited!

So, this might be my last post here.  You can still find me - only a better me, with more of what I actually do and less of my rambling and complaining - at the new Everybody Needs a Little Sugar!

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