Friday, March 16, 2012

31 Days of Pinterest, A Birthday Gift for Myself on Day 15

So this one, as warned is a day late.  Yesterday was my birthday and I thought that I would be going to Ainsworth Hot Springs (which I freakin' love) but the weather was horrible and the road is windy so we decided better safe than sorry and we stayed home and I got the chance to finish the bag I was making myself using a fabulous tutorial from mmmcrafts.  I suggest you bookmark it or pin it or whatever it is you do to organize your future projects because it is a great - and not that difficult - tutorial to make the perfect sized messenger bag.

Source: via Tina on Pinterest 

And this is mine... I would like to toot my own horn a little and let you know that the exterior of the bag is made entirely of wool jackets that I have been thrifting to make bags (which I have only made two of so far but have two more about half done).  Nag gave me a tip that there was a red wool jacket at the Sally a couple of months ago and I knew it would be the one I used for my own bag.  I really love it - although it is nothing like my original plan which was more square and had flowers appliqued on it.  The next one will be like that (and I will use the scraps from this one for the flowers).

I have another bag post for Day 16 - which I will do later. I have to go sew with my Wilters now. :o)



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