Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Power of Wishful Thinking

When I was pregnant with The Little Man, all of my friends here in the Kootenays were popping out 10 pound babies.  I had just moved back from North Vancouver with H1 to have my baby and kept saying to everyone that I hoped not to have a big baby.  I got 3 pounds 6.8 ounces. After that I was always careful what I wished for.

So, some years later, CH gets into a car accident and is hurt.  He receives $20,000 for his pain and suffering.  We used it to pay off some outstanding debts, buy a monstrous Sharp Aquos TV and a lazy boy, and to go on a small trip to (our beloved) Ainsworth.  The cheque came right before Christmas so we went bananas with gifts for all four of the kids.  We did not save any of it.  We did not pay off any of the BIG looming debts - like our second mortgage (the one we took out to start our business).  We had fun and spent money like it was endless.

About a year later, we got ANOTHER $15,000 insurance settlement for our mortgage as a result of CH's disability.  I don't even know what we did with that money.  I know I bought lots of fabric for the shop, we went to Calgary for a weekend (for medical reasons), CH bought me a new laptop (which I already want to replace with a MacBook).  Again, we spent it like it was endless.

So my point?  We got in ANOTHER car accident last Thursday.  CH's FOURTH in the nine years that I have know him.  None of which have been his fault, but still, what the heck?!  FOUR accidents.  FOUR.  That is just too much.  So this time we will both be getting a bit of money and I want to save some of it.  I want a nest egg.  A buffer.

The thing is, that maybe I caused it.  I kept thinking (while I was in the shower or doing the dishes) that if we only had that money back we could get ourselves out of the money pit we (I) have dug us into.  Did I wish it???  I kind of feel like I did.  Not the accident but the financial end to it.  I would never ever wish for the accident.  Ever. It has put a kink in my style. Literally.

Maybe, hopefully, tomorrow I will be back on track with my 31 days.

:o) Tina

PS  In the last paragraph I mention thinking in the shower and was going to link it to an old post so you know that it is something I do all the time - but I could not choose which one because there were SEVEN other times I mentioned it!  :o)

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  1. That car is a mess. I am so glad you are all "ok". And Tina, be careful what you wish for.


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