Sunday, March 25, 2012

31 Days of Pinterest, Days 21 Through 25...

I will confess, I have been up and about a bit.  I drove to Christina Lake today in my nice new rental car (Pin #21) to pick the Little Man up from H1's house and it tuckered me out.  I have not done much since.  Yesterday I went to the mall for cat food and to take advantage of a great deal PITA told me about on duvets - which turned out not to be duvets so much as white comforters with very nice duvet covers.  Still a good deal.  I bought two and left one wrapped in its plastic cover for the trailer (that I do not yet own but would really love to someday).

Source: via Tina on Pinterest

Source: via Tina on Pinterest 
So on with the pins...  did I do any, I don't think so.  I am going to cheat.  When I was not shopping for cat food and duvets I was couch surfing and watching CH's really bad choices.  Who knew there were that hours of pirate documentaries (yawn) available for our viewing (yawn) pleasure.

Pin #22, the sock bun.  This was one of the first pins I tried.  I could not figure it out from the photos, but his video rocked.  :o)  Works well on Penenlope's hair, not so well on mine, cause I cannot see it! We both have pretty fine hair, so I found that the leg of a pair of her heavy tights worked the best - small hole for small hair.

Pin #23, fashion plates.  A few months ago my Mum gave me my fashion plates.  Penelope has her own so I hide mine.  Isn't that terrible? I also have a old metal suitcase filled with plastic farm animals that I do not want my kids anywhere near.  They were my favorite things when I was a kid.  Especially the animals - they all had distinct names and personalities.  I always thought I would marry a farmer.

Source: Uploaded by user via Tina on Pinterest 
Pin #24, Jerry and Calvin. Jerry is our first Guinea Pig. He is awesome - brave and rambunctious. Calvin is
our second he is calm, a little shy and likes to cuddle. I really love them - they are easy to have as pets. If they pooped and peed in specific locations rather than wherever and whenever (oh yeah - on you, the couch, the table) they would be pretty close to the perfect pets. I was pet deprived when I was kid and as a result I will not say no to any pet request and probably have more than I should with two dogs, fours cats, two guinea pigs and an ever changing number of fish.

This is Jerry, borrowing Mr. Potato-head's glasses. He said he didn't mind - even if he did, Jerry is the kind of guy who would sneak out of the house with them anyway!

Source: Uploaded by user via Tina on Pinterest 

This is Calvin. He is wearing Mrs. Potato-head's glasses. He is a little shy and likes to be in a disguise, or tucked neatly under a pillow.

Pin #25, I will save for tomorrow. Maybe I can come up something a little more creative.

Night. :o)


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  1. omg those little guys with the glasses are adorable! so cute :)


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