Monday, March 12, 2012

31 Days of Pinterest, A Cute Little Needle Keeper on Day 12

I spent Sunday, thankfully (as I had/have a nasty cold), on my bum sewing.  I finished a few projects I had in the que for customers and then did something for myself.  I saw this little needle keeper ages ago and new I would make it eventually.  I have a bit of a thing for pin and needle storage (and maybe pins).
This is the Pin for the tutorial, I of course used this picture and the template and just did it without following the instructions (that is my MO - you would think I would learn!).  I made one to test it out - and used batting, it was way to bulky (the orange one with monkey stamp), then I read the material requirements - which did not include batting  - and sewed the other four.

When I was done one thing I realized I would have done differently was that I wished I had used my machine to sew the snaps on when I sewed the address lines and felt for the needles so that I did not have to (carefully so I only caught the top layer of fabric) sew them on by hand. Also, if I make more, I think I will make them a little bigger so that I can wrap my scissors and thread up with them for one of my to-go projects.

This project was a freebie, and it will be for you to if you have any fabric scraps, felt scraps, and snaps on hand.

:o)  See you tomorrow!



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