Friday, March 9, 2012

31 Days of Pinterest, Something Pretty for the Cork and Magnet Boards on Day 9

Seriously, how could I not?

So this pin is actually for magnets, but I did some magnets and thumb tacks as I am putting a magnetic board above my desk (or rather PITA is, the next time she comes in) and you saw yesterday's post - it needs something pretty - and, well, I had the glue gun read to go.

I already had everything I needed for this one so it was FREE.  If you had to buy stuff to do it, it would be about $1 for six magnets and about another $1 for a package of thumb tacks at your local dollar store.  And everyone has buttons, right?  (I have a thing - I AM a button hoarder.)

When we were getting the cutting room at the shop organized, we (me and PITA) covered some cork squares with fabric and attached them to the wall behind the cutting table, and then put a metal circle in the middle - lots of places for me to put all my little notes and such... once we are settled in our new spot that it is.  It seems like the last 10 pounds when you go on a diet - it just doesn't want to get done.  I still have half a dozen boxes in my office of general junk that need to be sorted and tossed, sold or put away and now I have a cold so all I have planned for today is blogging and staring blankly at the computer screen (so far so good).  Anyway, here are mine. The butterflies, birds and flowers are little wooden embellishments (also from the dollar store) that we glued to magnets.

See yah tomorrow.  Hopefully I am not too sick to come up with something good.  :o)



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