Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snap365, Days 21 through 29

A lot of days...  oops.  Should have made two posts out of but now I am thinking maybe it is a good way to review my week... :)


Day 21 :: Arrived home from Vancouver to nothing but good mail - that never happens! I was so excited to receive a little gift and a very nice card from my dear friend who lives in England. xo

Surely sent me a present, I suppose she is thinking about me since it has been TWELVE years since she left me promising it was only a year and it would go by fast. What a jerk. :p

Love, Fabric

Day 22 :: My stash was calling my name all day today asking me to come home and sew, now I am here and I don't know what I want to do more - a new bag, owls, zipper pouches... I just can't decide. ;)


Day 23 :: My husband drinks a lot if Pepsi - a lot. The fact that he is driving himself to the land of Diabetes is one thing, the fact that he leaves his empty (and sometimes not) cans all over the place DRIVES ME NUTS!! But then, it gives me something to blog about. ;)

Note:  I know this is a repeat for y'all but I used it in my Snap365 too so here it is. ;)


Day 24 :: Getting ready to make a batch of owls. Thank goodness I bought that circle cutter!

She Sews

Day 25 :: Okay, maybe she doesn't sew but she chose all the fabric and cut it all out and stuffed it with almost no help from me. :)

She decide that we needed to figure out a way to make sleepy eyes. She her creativity is amazing, once she gets a hold of needle and thread and the desire to make them work she is going to create truly amazing things. She can already draw ten times better than me. I am going to suggest that her crazy hair has something to do with this but it is pool hair. ;)

Ready to Stitch!

Day 26 :: Obviously I have been sewing and not much else in the last couple of days. Not complaining!

And They Are Done!

Day 27 :: Well almost. I still have a few things to do to the bags and to stuff these guys. I love it when a new batch is done, I always fall in love with one - this time it is the pink one . :)

Violent Violet

Day 28 :: This is Violet. She is the prettiest cat I have ever seen - hands down - she hates me. For really. She is trying to kill me with her laser beam eyes!

This cat was rescued by ME.  CH did not want any more cats but I brought her home, all tiny and cute because I am a soft hearted dumby and now, she is all grown up and hates me.  If I talk to her or walk toward her she growls at me 8 times out of 10!

Vintage Smokies Merch!

Day 29 :: My father in law was on the Smokies executive back in the day and gave me these circa 1975 buttons. I'm pretty excited to show one off at the next game!!

There you go. :o)  Tina


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