Monday, January 7, 2013

Snap 365 Days 4 through 7

Green Eyed Beauty
Day 4 :: My son has the most beautiful green eyes. :) <3

Night Driving

Day 5 :: We spent the afternoon at Ainsworth Hot Springs and left late. Good thing Hubby doesn't mind driving at night, on snowy roads, in a blizzard - myself I find it so cozy and relaxed in the car after a day like today we may as well have been floating home on a magic carpet. :)

It Is Growing!
Day 6 :: I started this Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt about 15 years ago and it is finally showing some progress!!

BIG Changes in 2013
Day 7 :: I used to own a quilt shop. Now I work for a mechanic doing the books.... it is a big change to say the least! 2013 is all about the positive change for this girl!

I took this picture because I saw a flower in the rim and I had a chuckle to myself that even in the manly man environment I now work in, I am still a girly girl. :)

These photos are all taken directly from my Flickr photo stream. That is new for me, although I have been posting my Instagram photos to it for quite some time.  A friend has assembled a group of people (12 women and 1 man!) in a photo challenge - Snap365.  I hop you enjoy my 365 photos. 

:o) Tina


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