Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How I Know My Husband Secretly Hates Me (or at least wants to make me so crazy that I will be committed) Part 2

I do at least 10 loads of laundry a week.

I am not even exaggerating.

There are the clothes and the towels (more about those in a minute) from five people as well as the incidentals such as the dish clothes, or the dogs bed that had a strange odour, or the blanket that the old smelly dog found on the floor and left all hairy and stinky, or the couch cushions that Penelope spilled something on.

It is really quite ridiculous.

There is a constant cycle of laundry waiting to be done.  I have not seen the bottom of those bins since the day they came home from the store.

Anywho, a few months ago, I asked CH to please be in charge of putting away the towel, dish cloths, etc.

I wash them, dry them, fold them and put them into a laundry basket for him to take from the family room upstairs to be put away.  Can you guess what happened today?  Can you?

This morning when I got out of the shower, I reached into the cupboard to get a towel for my hair and what did I find? Two freakin' hand towels and a half a dozen face cloths!!  WTH???

I did laundry all weekend.  I know there are plenty of clean ones. That's right - they are folding, in the laundry basket in the family room waiting for CH to put them away.

After 10 years I am pretty sure he knows that a) I shower every morning, and #2 I need a towel.

I seriously think that his motivation is to put me over the edge, but maybe not I did see his apartment and I married him anyway...

Okay, I must admit this works way better than chewing him out for the multitude of things he does that drive me bonkers.

Definitely (I totally cannot spell that and need spell check every time !) cuts down on the bickering and gives me a sense of nanner-nanner-boo-boo for getting it off my chest in a harmless fun way.  The nagging never achieves the goals I am hoping for anyway - admittance and change.

He does neither.

Some day I should write a post about why I love him so all y'all do not think he is a total creep. I will work on that.  ;)

Have a wonderful day, I will be back later with some photos of my new zipper pouch!!

:)  Tina


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