Saturday, January 12, 2013

How I Know My Husband Secretly Hates Me (or at least wants to make me so crazy that I will be committed) Part 1

CH and the Shorties are big fruit eaters - me, no so much, having grown up on a meat based diet, the salty and savoury habit is hard to break - anywho, as a result of this, he is in charge of the fruit that comes  and goes (partly because he makes the kids their school lunches) from our home and I pay it little to no attention.  In fact he does the lions share of the grocery shopping but that is beside the point.

So I am doing the dishes, which I do not mind but have not gotten to for a couple of days, (sounds much worse than it was, we had pizza night before last and soup last night so it was mostly bowls and glasses) and there behind the stack of bowls topped by the cutting board was our fruit bowl.  Looking like this:

That's right.  He bought new oranges, left them in their bag and put them on top of the dried out hard as baseball ones that nobody ate.  WTF???!!!  I am pretty sure I have a cut and dried case.  Obviously he hates me or wants to drive me completely insane.  What kind of a person does this???!!  The kind that wants to make his wife murder him? The kind that wants his wife to do horrible things to him while he sleeps?

I am unimpressed - but I feel better for having tattled to all of you on him and perhaps I will not murder him or torture him, I will just throw out the old oranges and, wash the bowl and put the new ones into it with a smile on my face while I try to remember that I married him even after I saw his apartment and therefore this really should not surprise me.

Now that I see it in a photo I think I would like a new bowl. Any suggestions? Pottered maybe Fran?


PS  Hey PITA, I just learn how to spell surprise like yesterday.  Until then I always relied on spell check!  2013 is starting off great!!!


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