Monday, January 14, 2013

Snap 365, Day 11 through 13

I am having fun with this - and I hope that you are too - it is keeping me on my toes and gives me the opportunity to blog everyday if I am on top of it. Which of course, I am not. :P

I have posted a few of my photos on the fly from my iPhone which is much more complicated to blog from, and besides that I think that it makes for a more interesting post when it is more than one photo. Sooo, without further ado...

I unintentionally went with a theme the last few days.  Penelope!

Happy at the Hockey Game
Day 11 :: I had planned to take a picture of my Smoke Eater watchin' seat but could not bare to crop out my happy girl. She id almost always like this (she gets it from me ). Such a contrast to my intense son. I am so lucky to have one of each in every way!

Best Friends

Sleep Over Bliss
Day 12 :: When I was kid my Mum rarely said yes to a sleep over. I on the other hand rarely say no and often have extra kids here on the weekends. This is my daughter and her Bestie, they are 15 days apart and have never not know each other. I hope they stay friends forever. <3 :)

Brother and sister

At Home Reading?
Day 13 :: Today looks like this... well almost everyday does! With three kids at home and probably more pets than we should have, my house is usually pretty chaotic - loud, messy and somewhat unorganized. Crazy or not, no one could ever say that we aren't all madly in love with each other! My oldest does 'At Home Reading' every night with my youngest - I think mostly they just giggle and have fun but I would not change it for anything!

G'night.  :o)  Tina


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