Monday, January 28, 2013

Very Pinteresting

This week I made a lot of bags and owls, including this one that I found on Noodlehead, via Pinterest (of course!). I actually bought this pattern. It has an interior zipper to close the bag and I need to learn how to do that so I splurged. I, of course, being a rule breaker will follow none of the other instructions and just do it my way...

I also, stumble upon the receipt for Amish bread sour dough starter on Saturday and got started on it on Sunday - I was pretty excited I had made this super delicious Amish Friendship bread that was like a cinnamon vanilla pudding monster cookie in my past life and H1 THREW MY STARTER AWAY! I still have the recipe and I am sure I could have Googled it or something but suddenly, there is was.  As if it were calling my name telling me to bake.

Last week my fabric stash was calling my name, this week it is, apparently, my recipe box. ;)

When I make it, I will post the recipe for my version of this yummy bread (cake) and if you live near by I will be more than happy to share my starter with you.  All you need to do it COMMENT and ask. ;)

:o)  Tina


  1. Hello, Tina. I was drawn to your blog (believe it or not) when I read negative feedback from you on my Etsy acct. Actually the only negative feedback I have ever gotten. I remember the item I purchased from your Etsy store did take a month to arrive and then was not as pictured in the photo in your Etsy shop. I am by nature a patient and kind person, so your reaction to my complaint seemed extreme. Now I feel that I know you better after reading some of the entries in your blog. You seem like a person who struggles with self esteem, so anything that smacks of criticism is very painful for you to hear. I want to tell you that you are doing wonderful things in your life, your love of family, the amazing creativity you have nurtured all add up to a truly amazing person. Just wanted you to know that your husband isn't the only one who thinks that.

    1. Thank you for your comment... I think.... I do not feel that I lack in self esteem at all but thank you for the other comments. I have a 'trying' life and often have to juggle being two parents and dealing with an unwell husband, and I still find time to laugh and be creative and have an amazing and wonderful life.


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