Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

Every year during the holiday season, I make a list of goals that I would like to achieve for the coming year.  The last couple of years I did not do it and did not have the desire to even achieve any goals and just plodded along.  This year I have plans, most of which are 'home based'.

#1  Perhaps the most important one of all - at least to me - I am going to get my house done.  The decorating, the cleaning, the organizing, the painting, the mouldings, new floor, new door, fix the bathroom.  Everything, at least under way by this time next year.  If I am feeling really ambitious I will add the laundry/bathroom to that list.  Poor CH will have so much to do - he will be happy but very very sore - and he is going to have to let me learn to use power tools!

#2  I am going to loose some weight. I do not have some lofty goal, I just want to get down a size or two and be a little more comfortable in my skin.  I am going to give myself the goal of 25 pounds and see how we go from there.  Since I am working a lot less, I am hoping to have a bit more time for myself, more time for item #1 as well as adding exercises to my daily life.  I am not going to go on a diet - I know that doesn't work for me.  I am just going to try to eat healthier (maybe a little less) and maybe I will become the dog walker rather than CH doing it all the time.

#3 I really really want to make my blog a success.  I have no idea how to do this but I will work on it and hopefully figure it out!

#4  I am going to sell my stuff everywhere I can.  I am in the process of ordering fabric labels.  Once they are sewn into and/or onto my stuff, I am going to take owls and bags to Nelson and start there.  Hopefully I will have some luck! I have a few shop in mind:  

#5 As part of #1, I need to get some UFOs done - or give them away to others to finish.  I have far to many incomplete projects laying around and they just don't seem to get done.  I crossed next to nothing off of the list I made in 2011 and I am sure there are lots of new things that have not been added. Perhaps in January I will put that on my list of things to organize.... a new UFO list.  Sounds scary. :(

I think those are the main things.  It is so nice to making a list of personal goals rather than professional.  I am so happy - so excited for me new, less stressful, less busy, way more fun way of life!!

Happy New Year! :o)  Tina


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