Monday, January 7, 2013

Soup is On!

I have been spending A LOT of time on Pinterest lately - I am not to sure why (oh wait maybe because it if packed freakin' full with awesome ideas that somehow manage to inspire me and make me feel totally inadequate all at the same time!!).

I am over 2,000 pins now, with like 1,200 likes.  Pretty crazy.  I have been doing a little organizing and have two boards for pins that I have used - Pinned It. Did It. and Pinned It. Cooked It. There are a few cool things on them that you wouldn't want to miss!  I do not know what I did before Pinterest.  I really love it.

Since Christmas I have tried two new recipes, one of them I am making again tomorrow. :o)

Ham and White Bean Soup from Plain Chicken
Ham and White Bean Soup
The first one was not a hit.  In fact, no one - not even CH - would try it.  I think the smell of the (boiled) ham was just too much and nobody but me is really into beans.  It sounded so good that I think I might try it again  and use something other than our Christmas ham.  Perhaps if it where just a ham bone and then chopped ham added or maybe none at all...  I really wanted to like it!

The second one was not much of it with the Shorties, The Mouth and CH both slept through it - The Mouth because he is a lazy neurotic teenager and CH because he was, as he often is, under the weather.  I loved it!!  It was like a delicious slow baked fully loaded potato and lord knows I love baked potatoes.  I had it pinned three time from three different people, it is apparently a copy cat recipe of the Outback Steakhouse Potato soup but as I have never been there I would not know.

I am going to make it again tomorrow so that CH and The Mouth can have some (I gave the rest of the last batch away).  I will make the Shorties Kraft dinner or hot dogs. :o)

Slower Cooker Potato Soup
Okay, so that is this Monday, next week I will go for something craft!

:o)  Tina


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