Saturday, January 26, 2013

How I Know My Husband Secretly Hates Me (or at least wants to make me so crazy that I will be committed) Part 3

Pepsi cans.  Everywhere.  I am not even joking.

Fine drink it.  But put away the cans. PLEASE.  For the love of Pete. Just put them away...

New to the kitchen sink
Next to the kitchen sink, as close as they generally get to away - well other than the giant pile of bagged up ones that lurks in my carport and sneers at me when I open the dining room curtains every morning, the pile that I am entirely too embarrassed of to take a photo for all of the world to see and cannot even believe I am mentioning....

One of my favorite places (NOT!), on the shelves that are home to my pretty things.  Grrrr.

The back of the couch - this spot, as you can imagine, often ends up in disaster and a healthy (or is is??) portion of cursing and stomping. It just seems nonsensical, but usually happens right after I have said something about the next photo.

This spot probably makes the most sense but I feel as if my space is being invaded and therefore I strongly discourage it.  The appliance in the background - my sewing machine - is on a table right behind the couch, the easiest place for him him to put his drink and be able to reach it.  My problem is that they gather. Last night there were three of them and I need more space in my sewing area - not less!! I suppose I could use my office and sequester myself and then I would have nothing to complain about other than the loneliness.

The stairs leading up from our family room.  This one I must admit I am guilty of too.  I put stuff on the stairs to take it next time I go up - but three of them, really?  And a different three than were occupying my sewing table as it was a few days before.

So you see what I have to put up with?  Just one more reason why, I seriously think that his motivation is to put me over the edge, but maybe not I did see his apartment and I married him anyway...

;o)  Tina

DISCLOSURE:  I did not put any of these cans where they are, I did however turn them label out so that you could see that they were in fact Pepsi cans.  He drinks a lot of Pepsi. A lot. He also eats a lot of candy and baked goods and makes me worry about diabetes. :(


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