Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fabulous Beautiful Amazing Vancouver, I Love You

Not only do I love this wonderful city but I love my people there so much.  I got to see three of my lovely Aunties and several of my wonderful cousins.  I am already looking forward to my next visit!

The people of Vancouver that do not belong to me are very unfriendly which I do not love. Even in it Kits, which was friendly welcoming place when I lived in Vancouver ten years ago. People look the other way when you smile at them.  I would hope that they do not think I am so down on my luck that I might hit them up for a dollar!  Who knows but after being back in small town BC for ten years I find it very strange - they do not know what they are missing avoiding human contact is so unnatural.
House for sale in Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC

Perhaps it is the fact that it was once an affordable neighbourhood and has now become a crazy expensive neighbourhood loaded with snobby people. Not all of them.  I have two amazing Aunts, an equally amazing Uncle and several adored and wonderful cousins all living in this much changed neighbourhood.

The houses are really nice, if you like heritage houses, which I do. A lot. The one I have pictured here was almost right next door to where we stayed and is listed for 1 MILLION 798 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!  CRAZY!!!!  Meanwhile, there are people sleeping on the streets down town and living in a tent city on the North Shore.  I love Vancouver and do not want to talk trash about my beloved city but.... perhaps the people need to collectively shake their heads and make some serious changes.  Things seem to have gotten very out of control and that scares me and makes me a little sad. Do you need a BMW, really?  Buy a Honda and donate the difference to a homeless shelter.  Seriously people.

Well, I got that off of my chest.  I did not even really know it was there to be honest but it came out so must have been.

We arrived Thursday at about 7:30 in the evening and stayed until about 11:30 this morning and I packed every minute as full as I could.  I honestly had no spare time whatsoever but it was fabulous - as always.  If you have never been to Vancouver you should go, it is so beautiful.

Snap365 Days 16 through 20

I did not take as many photos as a I normally would but here are my Snap365 shots.

Foot shadow puppets
The Foot

Day 16 :: I had something different in mind but got side tracked by life. Just crawled in for a super early night and realize I forgot to take my photo today. Husband says take a picture of my foot, I have nice feet. So I did. :)

(Note: The night before we left I forgot to take my photo so CH suggested I use his foot as my subject matter.  I thought it was hilarious but I never got even one comment so apparently no one else did!)

Doug at West Hedley Mall, Heldey BC

Day 17 :: Doug was hitch hiking at the West Hedley Mall. I hope someone picked him up, it looked like he had been waiting a while. Unfortunately we were headed in the wrong direction. ;)

(Note:  Doug (whose name is on his shirt, I am not just pulling one out of his hat) was still there, a little more snowy, when we came home but we are both very cautious of picking up hitch hikers.)


Day 18 :: This is why I love the city. When was the last time you saw chalk art like this on the side walks of Cedar Avenue!
Yellow Primrose in Vancouver BC
Winter in Vancouver

Day 18 :: January in Vancouver.

Australian Silky Terrier

Day 19 :: Saturday we stayed with my Auntie in Cloverdale. She has the sweetest dog, Freda, who is almost 17!

(Note:  Freda is a teeny tiny Silky Terrier - more the size of a Yorkie.  Even when she was young and spunky she was a snugly loving little thing.  Her and her brother Conrad, who has been gone about a year, where the reason I got brave and got a dog as an adult.)

Highway 1 Heading East from Vancouver
Heading Home

Day 20 :: Heading toward the mountains and away from the ocean and my family makes me sad but I miss my kids so home it is. :)

:o)  Tina


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